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M.O.P. Lyrics

Drunken Monk vs. Grim Reaper (2016)

Straight out the Projects (2014)

I.M. 4-Eva (2012)

Kiprono (2011)

Sparta (2011)

The Green Ghost Project (2010)

All Out War, Part 2 (2009)

Z-Biscellaneous 2009 (2009)

Ghetto Warfare (2006)

Mash Out Posse (2004)

Dame Dash Present: Paid In Full Soundtrack (2002)

Kaos The Anti-Acoustic Warfare (2001)

Loyalty (2001)

Handle UR Bizness (1998)

Business is Business (1996)

Guru Presents Ill Kid Records (1995)

Rugged Neva Smoove(Single) (1994)

Broken Chains

Gang Culture (Recorded Live in Europe)

Other Songs

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