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"Pounds Up"

Ooh.. yeah..
Come on! Ooh..
Yeah.. yeah..

[ Lil' Fame ]
Why y'all n*ggas is sis' to f*ck with Lil' Fame
I analyze the streets, spit real game
I'll blast on you as you pass on through
Catch you right where you stand put your ass on you
I remind n*ggas with that blue steel that you rip
And the rush that you felt from the n*gga that you hit, now
How many n*ggas wanna ride with me, collide with me
Be accesoires to homicide with me [ First Family! ]
Who I hang with, bang with, spit flames with
The hand full of n*ggas that I came with
I ain't tripping, I know you got a hell of a plan
For the man if you ever caught me slipping
You will stop me, won't you, pop me, won't you
But you know I'll whoop ya motherf*cking ass b*tch, don't you
My family strong, your mams don't need so stop breathing'
Before you cats and you ass get deleted

[ Chorus ] [ 2x ]
Look, ain't nobody stoppin' this here
You'll see it, it's on and poppin' this year
Mound up (Mound up!) Pounds up! (Pounds up!)
We build this foundation, from the ground up n*gga

[ Billy Danze ]
Stand up faggot, I'll let you have it where you post at
(William Berckowicz!) Back with my golden fiend and Womack
(BLAOW!) n*gga hold that, Juliani can't control that
(We buss outta clutches on Magnum triggers) He know that
With the same cats that blaze DAT's on the boulevard
We remain strapped, then came back, doin' it hard
So send your soldiers cobra and I will send everyone of 'em back
With holes under they' hat, falls of through they' back
Damn with it motherf*cker (BK!) All day real with it motherf*cker
I'm not your average, I'm from a block where they trap cops
And made 'em holler ten-thirteen
It's the commander, Danze, hands, down
You need to know who you f*cking with now
Now kill-a-kill again, with an unusual will to win
An unusual will to sin, stop f*cking with me

[ Chorus ] [ 2x ]

[ Lil' Fame ]
It's an every day thing in a every day game
More day every day, motherf*cker bang (BANG!)
It's the streets in me, and me, I'm staying tuned to this sh*t
It's music to my ears, I'm immune to this sh*t
I'm suffering, from a disease called 'Leave me the f*ck alone'
In this full blown (blown), b*tch
M.O.P., prepare for the ruckus
And we murder-murder-ma-murder-murder you motherf*ckers

[ Billy Danze ]
Allow me the way out, down out, pull my gun out
Run out in the middle of a street light (Bum, bum bum)
Ah, there you go, bast*rd, murder international, custom main caskets
Now could any of you c*cksuckers turn to me
The way this streetgame is going is concerning me
Whatever happened to the old days
We all blaze, we all study criminal ways

[ Chorus ] [ 2x ]


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