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"Downtown Swinga"

[Verse 1: Billy Danze]
You n*ggas fakin'
I'm not your regular rap singer
A bell ringer, yeah, a DOWNTOWN SWINGA'
And if I got to use my pistol to dismiss you herbs
With something to prove
Kid I ain't got nothing to lose
It's Billy Danze, holding up the slack
So jump if you want jump, cause I bust caps
CLACK CLACK! Salute to all my CD's
Hill figga' n*gga drink brew and puff weed
Yeah we like it raw, plus we keep it real
The B-I-Double L-Y, and what you feel?
That I will flip the script and (?) on the scene
I'm still in the 'ville, I'm still with my home team
Coming through with the crew, you can't accept it
From CROOKLYN! Home where it's definitely hectic
Before rapping I was capping, 1-7-1-8 gun slinger
Bill, a downtown Swinga'

[Verse 2: Lil' Fame]
It's 1994 motherf*cker gets (?)
And my freestyles are no longer freestyles
Cause now I'm getting paid
I be the same Lil' Fame, ain't a damn thing changed
Except I smoke a $20 bag of weed a day
The downtown swinga', the ex-crack slinger
The ruckus bringer, the motherf*cking bell ringer
Cause Lil' Fame ain't taking the (bull)
And when I die make sure you
Bury me with a cassette of Paid in Full...


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