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"Way of the World"

Aaaah. f*ck it *echoes* f*ck you *echoes* Come on! Ah

M.O.P.: Its the way of the world, right? (Aaaah)
Billy Danze: Can't nobody change
The way them thug n*ggas do they thing
M.O.P.: Its the way of the world, right?(Huhhh)
Billy Danze: Can't nobody change
The way em real n*ggas play the game

Verse One: Billy Danze
Yo I grew up on an ill path (St. Marks Ave...)
Posted up on the hill with the real Homicide Staff
Never the type to screw ya
Just the type to pursue ya, step to ya and do ya(Boo-yea)
It's a hundred situations ampin me
To pop (hot) copper (top shots) at your whole f*cking family
(Sup, you Billy Danze?) True (Clap, clap) Who the f*ck are you?
(Clap, clap) What the f*ck you wanna do? (f*ck you)
I been caught in a deathrap twice, managed to slip through it
Wacked four n*ggas, and I still gotta do it
(Hell ya) You know the street game
Welcome new players to these homicide layers to be slain
Look both ways before you cross a n*gga
Decent families have lost a n*gga, that came across a n*gga
He knew wasn't havin sh*t
He seen him lick off and kickoff a whole f*cking clip
(Whole f*ckin clip), (Premeditaion) On a daily basis
And nickel M and M's may be pressed against your faces
Nobody cares if your mother cry
They don't a f*ck if your brother die
(Don't give a f*ck about you)


Verse Two: Lil' Fame *rapping to the baseline*
These motherf*ckers wanna stop me, it ain't hard to tell
But it'll be a cold day in hell
I would never change, my style or my profile
Or the way I put myself down (cha down) *main beat resumes*
Why do f*ckers, motherf*ckers
Wanna f*ck around with this livest sh*t?
Chrome 44's, soul survivalers (Unstoppable!)
Got a crew to drop a crew, remarkable
The infinite, fizzy wo magnificent
I know ya wanna see me dead
Sprawled out with some thick red sh*t leaking from my head
Hollerin: rest in peace, making money off my rap songs
Callin it the best of M.O.P. (Motherf*cker!)
f*ck that! I send the goons out to get ya
Hit ya, and take them knew jacks down wit ya
And put your brains on the outside
To the let the world see the sheisty sh*t you was thinkin
This n*gga can't change(Nah)
This n*gga can't rearrange(Nah)
The way a thug do his thing (Yeah)
Never let em get the best of me
I put the metal in your temple
And catch the next plane to the West Indies

(Fly, baby) n*gga,(Motherf*ckers)! (Fly, n*gga)
I wan't y'all n*ggas to undestand one motherf*ckin thing
This M.O.P. sh*t is for real, n*gga
Y'all motherf*ckers better recognize

Lil' Fame over chorus:

First Family, n*gga. There's a concept behing that sh*t
We your family in the first motherf*ckin place
To all y'all new motherf*ckers, find somebody, n*gga
Get the f*ck out my face. Salute to all my true n*ggas
Made you for life, n*gga
(That's real n*gga. Never stop, never stop, never quit.)

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