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Vybz Kartel Lyrics

Clothes Off Riddim (2018)

Giggi Riddim (2018)

Untitled 2018 Album (2018)

World Vibes Riddim (2018)

47th Floor Riddim Reloaded, Vol. 2 (2017)

Eagle Riddim (2017)

Exhortation Riddim (2017)

Mhm Hm Riddim (2017)

Money Mix Riddim (2017)

Moscow Riddim (2017)

Crown Love Riddim (2016)

Gold Finga Riddim (2016)

Pile Up Riddim (2016)


Strictly the Best Vol. 55 (2016)

Success Riddim (2016)

Advice Riddim (2015)

Boss Lady Riddim (2015)

Kingston Story (Deluxe Edition) (2015)

Let's Rock This Riddim (2015)

Liquor Riddim (2015)

Pressure Riddim (2015)

Wrangla Riddim (2015)

Drink Up Riddim (2014)

Flammable Riddim (2014)

Heat Rave Riddim (2014)

New Money Riddim (2014)

Phase One Riddim (2014)

Rvssian Riddim (2014)

Selfie Riddim (2014)

Tru Colors (2014)

The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto - Incarcerated But Not Silenced (Roots & Culture) (2013)

Toasted Riddim (2013)

Amsterdam - EP (2012)

Coolie Gal Riddim (2012)

Double Trouble Riddim (2012)

Off the Bench Riddim (2012)

So Unique Riddim (2012)

Steppa Riddim (2012)

Eternal Riddim (2011)

Gaza World Riddim (2011)

Summer Time Riddim (2011)

V6 Riddim (2011)

Bomb Drop Riddim (2010)

D.N.A. Riddim (2010)

Go-Go Club Riddim (2010)

Like Xmas - EP (2010)

Reggae Jammin Plus Vol. 2 (2010)

Straight Jeans and Fitted (2010)

2010 Riddim (2009)

Arch Evil Riddim (2009)

Fitness Riddim (2009)

School Bell Riddim (2009)

School Yaad Riddim (2009)

Street Bullies Riddim (2009)

Unknown Number Riddim (2009)

Drumline Riddim (2007)

Rae Riddim (2007)

Applause Riddim (2004)

Martial Arts A.K.A. Self Defense Riddim (2002)

Adidjaheim Records Presents Introducing Vanessa Bling As Gaza Slim (feat. Vybz Kartel

Dancehall #EP

Dancehall Hero Raw

Do It Riddim

Exhortation Riddim

Gaza Man Crazy - EP

Ghetto Rock Riddim

Grim Reaper - EP

Loodi - Single

Made in Jamaica - EP

Mentally Free (EP)

More Up 2 Di Time

Pretty Little House Riddim

Red Star Sounds Presents: Def Jamaica


teenage pregnancy/control

Why? (Genius Remix)

Yabba Dabba Do - Single

Other Songs

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