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Duke Ellington Lyrics

In a Sentimental Mood (2019)

American Hustle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2013)

American Hustle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2013)

Kids on the Slope Original Soundtrack (2012)

In the Moonlight (2011)

Jazz Studies: The Best of the Perception Years (2001)

Classic Ellington (2000)

Bennett Sings Ellington: Hot & Cool (1999)

Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra 1941: The Complete Standard Transcriptions (1999)

Reflections on Duke (1999)

The Ellington Legacy (1999)

Ella at Duke’s Place (1996)

Cornell University Concert (1995)

Devil in a Blue Dress: Music From the Motion Picture (1995)

It Don’t Mean A Thing... (1994)

Big Bands: Duke Ellington (1993)

Queen Of The Organ (1993)

Swing Kids (Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1993)

Braggin’ in Brass: The Immortal 1938 Year (1991)

The Standard Joe (1991)

Bigger World (1990)

Jazz Poet (1989)

Omni Sight Seeing (1989)

Piano Reflections (1989)

The Great Paris Concert (1989)

Then and Now (1988)

Chansons nettes (1981)

In Tandem (1974)

Mustang! (1967)

Roll ’Em (1966)

The In Crowd (1965)

Jazz ‘n’ Samba (1964)

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (1963)

Signifyin’ (1963)

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra (1962)

Money Jungle (1962)

First Time! The Count Meets the Duke (1961)

Piano in the Foreground (1961)

Back to Back: Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges Play the Blues (1960)

Last Date (1960)

Walk, Don’t Run (1960)

Anatomy of a Murder: From the Sound Track of the Motion Picture (1959)

The Great Wide World of Quincy Jones (1959)

Chet Atkins At Home (1957)

Jivin’ the Vibes (1957)

Wailing With Lou (1957)

A Session With Chet Atkins (1954)

1 Heure Avec Duke Ellington

Dollar Brand

Duke’s Memories (Live at Berlin, Germany 1981) (The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions)

For the Guv’nor

One O’Clock Jump

Stardust Memories (Original Soundtrack)

Suddenly It Jumped

Take the ‘A’ train

The Essential Duke Ellington

The Essentially Ellington Library

The Trio

Other Songs

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