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Isaac Hayes Lyrics

Stax Singles 4: Rarities & The Best Of The Rest (2018)

Άρχοντας των Λυρικών Τεχνών (MOLA) (2018)

The Uptown Trip [Vol. 1] (2017)

Drake & Josh: Songs from & Inspired by the Hit TV Show (2005)

Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack (2003)

Stevie Brock (2003)

The Autobiography Of Mistachuck (1996)

Maxi Anfitreu (1989)

Reaction (1986)

Sweet Soul Music (1982)

Fool Around (1978)

Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak) (1976)

For Sweet People (1974)

Tough Guys (1974)

Untouched (1972)

So I Can Love You (1971)

Gritty, Groovy, & Gettin' It (1970)

Soul Children (1968)

Soul Men (1967)

The Great Memphis Sound (1966)

Yank (Me Doodle)/ Free For All (1964)

Ultimate Isaac Hayes: Can You Dig It?

Other Songs

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