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DAGames Lyrics

I Am The Animal Single (2018)

Build Our Machine Single (2017)

Heroes (2017)

Dream On Single (2016)

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Bonds From The Grave Single

Born Champion (Single)

Break My Mind Single

Brothers In Arms (Live)

Brothers in Arms - Single

Build Our Machine (Acapella)

Build Our Machine (Instrumental)

Build Our Machine Remix [Bendy and the Ink Machine]

DAGames Medley Single

Die Die Die! (Single)

Face Reality (ft. Victor McKnight, SquigglyDigg, Swibet, Simul)

FNaF Smash-Up! (DAGames Medley Parody)

Goodbye - Single (artist: TryHardNinja)

Gospel of Dismay (Cover)

Happy Birthday Bendy

Here Comes The Ladies (Single)

I Am The Purple Guy (Remastered) (Single)

Joke FNAF Songs

Just One More Night

Labyrinth (ft. DAGames, Caleb Hyles, Fandriod, Dawko, Chi Chi)

Layers of Fear (Single)

Lost in the Dark (Single)

One by One (Single)

Retribution (Single)


Take My Breath Away (Single)

The Path of Genocide - Single

The Path of Genocide - Single

Turn The Final Page Single

United We Stand (Single)

Unknown Bendy And The Ink Song

Until Dawn Single


Wrath of a Titan (Single)

You Will Believe (Remixed Cover)

Other Songs

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