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"If You Want To (feat. Lloyd Dwayne & J. Tait)"

If you want to

I can't fall in love ...knowin I still got these feelins for you ....
It's been so long since I told you we was thru.... you kept in touch and I touched as well.....
Thought we kept it cool
Now you Boo'd up... found you some one to replace me thass wassup....
I found me a girl but I did it for front...(or fun)
Baby girl is cool but she's fallin in love.... but I don't think I'm thru which you baby

I still choose you if you want to I still touch you, if you want I'm here for you baby...
I still choose you...if you want to I still crush you if you wan to........

She's falling in love I wish that I could catch her and be that dude.... but my arms are full cuz I'm still holdin you
......I could try to catch her but I get torn between the two and that's n'er cool.....
Why you with this dude its apparent he don't love you like I do
....he may have moves but
Baby.... I GOT GROOVE ... and deep down you know he can't groove you like I do

I need you more then anyone has ever needed you you got me now I know youre the only one to make me feel complete thru and thru so just know that I got you if you want to cuz I don't think you're thru with me baby

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