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"If I Had (remix)"

[Verse 1: Rowlan]
I'm tired of life
Tired of biting my tongue
Tired of people judging my music cause where I am from
I'm the last hope that my town can imagine
I'm the one who shine through when everyone and they momma rapping
I'm sick of artists paying these shows to shine
When they backing vocals louder then their lyrics are live
Let's get real put the mothaf*ckin' mic down
I love a good laugh but I'm supposed to be on right now
So see me after and I'll peep out your freestyle
But they been recorded for atleast couple weeks now?
I really freestyle When I say It's off the head
So we can probably cypher but nine out of ten will end up dead
Naw, back to my city this sh*t is real
I swear you coming with me when I finally get a deal
I want to show my home town that it is possible
Word to this small community we see as an obstacle
I ain't impressed with how you live or how you talk
I'm focused on the lives of the crack babies we lost
This sh*t is sad cause my home ain't even a ghetto
But I've had guns to head and shots sang like falsetto
Say Hello to fear early
But death has always miss me
The Lord will always hug me
But the devil trying to kiss me
I'm sick of it, tired
Blast me in the mind
I bet a couple fans will miss me
But the world will be fine
So I'm gone tomorrow
I swear my heart is hollow
Cause of dike that swallow
That I refuse to follow
I'm not proud I'm ashamed of my past
But I don't regret a thing or wish that all my friends would last
I'm living proof that you can do sh*t alone
Just a sober lonely white boyStuck in a f*cking zone
I'm on the bridge now and I'm taking off from Cape
And almost every rapper called the cops and they all claiming rape

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