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"Tru Story Intro"

Mickey: Why?
Mama: Because I don’t want random motherf*ckers touching me in public
Mickey: Wait I don’t understand.... he just ran up on you?
It’s a true tho
Mama: Yes girl yes…

True...true...It’s a true story tho
True...true …It's the truth
Mama: he was like… I haven’t seen you in years

It’ a true tho...true...true...true
It’s a true tho
True..true…it's the truth

Yea…it’s a true story tho
Now you feel my pain
It’s a true story tho
Play that game
True story
We gon do what we do
We gon talk how we feel

Mama: that’s weird…

I do my thing
It’s a true story though…

Mama: I just don’t really remember what he looked like... like I didn’t recognize him
Mickey: alright cool..cool story bro
Mama: ok, but can you just agree with what I told you, please?
Mickey I won’t post pictures of you online anymore
Mama: I appreciate that so much..cause seriously I need to go into therapy now..I have PTSD
Mickey: ok I love you I gotta go…I’m recording an album, bye
Mama: I love you... bye
Rowlan: Can I hear how I sound?

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