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I have nothing but respect for these competitors
Make no mistake
I am c*cky in prediction
I am confident in preparation
But I am always humble in victory (Hey) or defeat

[Verse 1:]
I say I'm everything and more
And you can't tell me any different
You new rappers cool but you far from competition
The best white rapper to immerse since 911
Send me suicidal beats
I get em all into heaven
I got some poet demand
I'll even pull for your man
Although he don't like my music
His girl's a hell of a fan
Today's Mike Jordan
But I'm fading from humble
I slam my chest like Harambe to gain
Respect from the jungle
Said I'm the clutch-man, I'm the clutch, man
Feeling like the Jump-man
Flinching at legends
Laughing out loud when they jump, man
There's something about the things that I never got
So focused on myself
I just laugh when they taking shots
I just laugh at their little plots
You don't upset the dude
I'm glad you hate
Let pops raise you then admit it when you graduate
Like you my son
I sign you rappers
Let me show you some
You never heard or seen a legend?
Let me show you one

I'm enjoying the fruits of my hard work
Nobody works harder than me
Inside the octagon outside the octagon
I am a work horse
So i am gonna enjoy the benefits to this life

[Verse 2:]
Nothing but classics on the way
I can't stop it
Game changing flows
For the logo, hit deposit
Grammys coming soon
Watch the price hit the moon
Should of asked for the autographs
And laid off that auto tune
You can't tell me sh*t about the past
f*ck who I've become you never thought this sh*t would last
All the fans and messages
Can really switch the view
Its crazy what a couple of follows
Really actually do, hey
We the men they try to be, just by acting us
We the clique, that people follow to get back in touch
We the ones that people mention when they acting tough
We the guys who please your girl until she had enough
They laugh and joke like I'm playing sometimes I wish I was
They used to say I sounded local, till I caught my buzz
Either the world got quiet
Or I just don't listen
What's an opinion when a legendary artist spitting

But for me I love this
I love proving people wrong
And prove my support right
That's what its all about at the end of the day
And this-this is all fun and games for me
I love it

[Verse 3]
I studied for this test and I turned out to be the answer
They calling me the cure
But yet I'm sicker than the cancer
A walking legend honking people
Like I'm f*cking Jason
I killed your favorite rapper now I happen to replace them, hey
You rappers, just rappers
I'm genius watch me plot
Every verse I spill my chest
That make your beats wanna just stop

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