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Poor Righteous Teachers

"Culture Freestyles (Interlude)"

Ayo, bust it right yo. We ain't made a record in three years. And for some strange reason it still sound like n*ggas just puffing blunts, drinking 40's, running up in the studio and just saying the first sh*t that come out they head. Yo. Hahaha

My selectah
My selectah
My collector
My collector
My selectah
My selectah
Yo, yo

[Verse: Culture Freedom]
Booming din bim ba I came to riff
Shoot my gift, but I don't' have to puff on any spliff
Just the raw talent, you know my sh*t is gallant
When I tight walk you know I never lose my balance
On the microphone I be freezing kids dome
Like ah, Al Capone you best to left me alone
Cause Wise said you'll be caught in a funeral home
I got the type of style and you know I come from
Straight from the land of T is the capability
To wreck the microphone and be a raw MC
Now many brother think they can rip, then follow me
But they can't and I say that they ain't, 'cause I
Only went to the first grade I'm brave
Direct the microphone like a runaway slave
They used to call me Dave but now they call me Culture
I grab the microphone then I grab a freaking boulder
Off your freaking shoulder while the rhythms getting older
Just like I told ya, I'm from South Dakota
I used to live and climb on the hills and wash my cloths on a rock
And now all I do is disc jock
I gotta see the crowd jumping
I gotta see the crowd jumping
I gotta see the motherf*ckers pumping
Cause if they ain't doing that I feel my sh*t is wack
So, I must attack, yo I must attack
So ah, Wise Intel' please help me
Cause I'm about to slip down a hole and totally lose control
That's why they say, hey hey hey hey hey hey
Hey, hey, hey what's going on?
What the f*ck is going on?
What's going on?
What the f*ck is going on?
(Come with the lyrics)
I'm just like Speedy
I'm greedy with my whole type graffiti
I rap for the needy, I got to get the meaty
Chunks in my soup so I can make a phat loop
Buy my rims...

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