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Kool G Rap Lyrics

Soul Assassins: Dia Del Asesinato (Diamond Edition) (2018)

Respect Is Earned Not Given (2017)

Global Connection Vol.2 (2016)

Same Game New Rules (2014)

Ghosts in the Room (2012)

De Cerebri Mortis (2011)

Rare Play Volume II (2009)

Z-Biscellaneous 2009 (2009)

J-Love Presents Kool G Rap - The Originator (Mixtape) (2008)

The Next Step (2008)

The Champions (The North Meets The South) (2006)

The Giancana Story (2002)

In E-Money Bags We Trust (1999)

Give 'Em the Finger (1993)

In Control, Vol. 2: For Your Steering Pleasure (1991)

Bring it On

Broken Chains

Crazy Like a Foxxx (Demo Version)

Legendary Cypher


Pre-Kill Vol. 2

Simply Poetry

Son of a Junkie

Vietnam Kidz/Devil's Workshop single

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