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Mac Miller


Straight up, I just wanna say one time after two years at this mothaf*ckin' crib: f*ck all y'all mothaf*ckers, living all over this mothaf*cker tryin' to kick me out. That goes for you, Mrs Watson witcha little ass kids always f*ckin' crying. You got your little chihuahua, f*ck you and your motherf*ckin' mama b*tch, I'm out here!
Suck my motherf*ckin' di*k! Yeah. REMember Music. Old Jewish. Go ahead. This is my [?]

Yeah, yeah, yeah
That's how it's going down, one time [?]
Okay, okay, yeah

[Verse 1]
(Oh my Lord) He's on drugs again
My neighbor's yellin', I don't give a f*ck again
And I swear to God if the cops come again
I'ma open up this door, get to rumblin'
Start bussin', bussin', bussin', bussin'
My di*k, your mouth, no discussion, yeah
It's all happenin', I must be imaginin'
Take a hit, time travelin'

Turn up the mothaf*ckin' volume
Yeah, yeah, yeah ([?] bust like a condom)
And you a freak, why you hidin' in a costume?
([?] look up)

[Chorus 1]
Let me see them nipples, baby
Ou ([?])
Don't give it all up, just a little, baby
Ou ([?])
I'm just tryna free your mind
([?] free your mind)
'Cause all you see is dollar signs
(Blinded by the streets)

[Verse 2]
Line crosser, real life flyin' saucer
Nothin' straight 'bout her but her posture
Young prodi-gy, I'ma eat lobster
Pull Spanish b*tches but I speak nada
And she got a need to roll the weed all up
You ain't got a chance when it's me on ya (sh*t)
I'm a mothaf*ckin' legend, girl
[?] pus*y killed: b*tches out in Edinburgh

Turn up the mothaf*ckin' volume
([?] bust like a condom)
And you a freak, why you hidin' in a costume?
([?] look up)

[Chorus 2]
Leave that pus*y crippled, baby
Ou ([?])
Let me slide right down the middle, baby
Ou, yeah, where the f*ck my Thumbalina?
Has anybody seen her
She blinded by the streets

Ou, 'bout to start my own motherf*ckin' committee and it’s gonna be me and Josh and it’s gonna be motherf*ckin' b*tches with their motherf*ckin' ass and titties, I don’t give a f*ck… sh*t

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