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"Super Hero Music (feat. Raekwon)"

Gone round town wit my drop top down
Tell me who da best of dem dats still around
Huh look in da sky
It ain't a bird
It ain't a plane
Oh yeah its me x2

Since i was 7
Been riding round in cararas
From more bollow the barers round to texas day
Know ya boy yeah im kinda famous
You can learn on the way
I entertain entertainment
Either way its a payment
License in containment
Line bout us in cajun
Im bringin favor like cajin
U know as wel as everybody
Dog if anyone of u try to play me
Cruz gone get involved
Wat u gon do

Crushin on u little n*ggas
Stompin on you little n*ggas
Its da P to the I-G
The new P to the I-G
Say somtin
You know im dead wrong
But spittin over dis wonder beat got you scared
Just 7 months
I killed da game
U know its lame
Im super mane

Repeat chorus x4

Oh yeah its me

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