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Diggy Simmons

"Super Hero Music (feat. Raekwon)"

Gone round town wit my drop top down
Tell me who da best of dem dats still around
Huh look in da sky
It ain't a bird
It ain't a plane
Oh yeah its me x2

Since i was 7
Been riding round in cararas
From more bollow the barers round to texas day
Know ya boy yeah im kinda famous
You can learn on the way
I entertain entertainment
Either way its a payment
License in containment
Line bout us in cajun
Im bringin favor like cajin
U know as wel as everybody
Dog if anyone of u try to play me
Cruz gone get involved
Wat u gon do

Crushin on u little n*ggas
Stompin on you little n*ggas
Its da P to the I-G
The new P to the I-G
Say somtin
You know im dead wrong
But spittin over dis wonder beat got you scared
Just 7 months
I killed da game
U know its lame
Im super mane

Repeat chorus x4

Oh yeah its me

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