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"XXL Freshmen 2011 Cypher - Part 1"

[Verse 1: YG]
It's YG, 400
The flow cold got these hoes' nose runnin'
The rap game a bakery, I'm getting dough from it
And I shop with it, I got something to show from it
I got this white girl, she's like my snow bunny
These n*ggas choke in they raps, so funny!
It's Mr. Young Gangsta, these n*ggas so wanksta
Like don't sleep on em', these n*ggas better wake up
Candle lit money, n*gga get ya cake up
Bullets like Makeup, they switch your face up
I'm like an airplane, girl you know what's up
n*ggas we blowing money quick like we blowing blunts
Red chucks like my b*tch's lipstick
I'm taking b*tches down, like the hit stick
Push in an n*gga, motherf*cker go hard
These n*ggas baller blocking, I call em' bo gaurds

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Whatever it is, they're getting it straight
I'm too obsessed, too dedicated, never escape
I ain't scared, I'ma go in, looking like I'm glowing
Running on beats, you show me your feet
If you ever be down to flowing
And now, I got a notion, I'm a put this into motion
Speeding through the present
Trying to get there and coach, man
Hopes the dope man will be there soon
For now the music up loud and the beat on smooth
I'm just rhyming, spitting so efficient
Keeping the tradition, while seeking to be different
Just dropped K.I.D.S., but I'm a man of many words
You had to do it big, but couldn't never stop the work
Now you heard my words so your bubbles gonna burst
Yeah we're on third but say what's up to the homies on first
If I can, I'm a kick it, rip it just cause I love it
Now they see me, ask me if I can spit it right out in public
Got time that you wastin' hatin'
When you could focus on your own grind: skatin'
Mad I got fans and they mad I got love
'Cause me and music fit like a glove, so snug
All you angry motherf*ckers can go on and form a club
Cause when you come around me, it ain't nothing but love
I got girls giving hugs, people dapping me up
And you in the corner, like, "oh man, mac sucks! "
Been a long grind and a little bit of luck
Feeling blessed everyday for the way I'm coming up
I can promise you this: I ain't even close to done
Just pray to god that I'm safe when the soldiers come
They hear me, they forgetting if I'm old or young
Got this music on lock, but I open up
All the time, cause my bars and my rhymes be my lifestyle
Blowing white clouds, You getting high right now

[Verse 3: Diggy Simmons]
Live from the Apple slicing the American pie
With dope lyrics watch me get America high
By your appearance I can get a glimpse of your vibe
They say you are what you wear, I am Yves Saint Laurent
Maison Martin Margiella
Catch me at the Montreyon fella
I'm getting money thats why you all jealous
This ain’t a rap song, this is a rap psalm
Immaculate so I'mma be the first to cast on
In kindergarten I was filling out my tax form
While my other class mates was learning Jimmy Crack Corn?
How can I go broad, riding shot gun with Lupe through Chicago hood
Hat tilted to the side like a GD
Bumping a Pac CD
Picture me rollin', holla when you see me
This easy, sorta like my ABC's
It'll take em' to the pillar n*gga 1,2,3
Know my name when I spell, it's D-I two G's
Rather die before I'm telling see I'm too G

[Verse 4: Lil Twist]
Beatin' up the beat like it's a high school drumline
I got the teachers like "What has he become now?"
A young genius, homie I'm like and Einstein
I'm balling now, we go to Belize and i'll shine
No deportion, split the dough in Proportions
Grown man money these kids partial abortion
Go to the mall, they playing round and they horseing
They beef while twizzy be dropping stacks in nordstrom
Porky Pig Pull, but that ain't all folks
I ain't kidding with y'all folks
Sound like a kid but I ain't kidding at all though
So don't mistake me
And one more thing: It's Young Mula baby

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