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[Verse 1]
It can get stressful this life entertaining
Sometimes i'm be going through things can't explain it
You gave me a picture of you and i framed it
All my n*ggas be playing they claim it
Let me go vent
You need to feel this straight out the chest
I'll be on tour buses dealing with mess
Sometimes i feel like i'm less than my best
But you make me better
Yes.. honestly the road can get cold
Sometimes i need something i could hold
What i'm really tryna say is

Sometimes i need you, honestly
I ain't talking 24/7
Just when a n*gga start itchin'
And only when i want to feel better
I need you, honestly
Sometimes i need you
And i can't lie honestly, i need you

[Verse 2]
Don't need all your times
Just the times that i need it
Do you a favour, do me now we even
Your girlfriends be saying i'm doing it wrong
But they come to see me perform
Wait for it... so addicted to your love
Know you feel the same
You left traces of your love on the pillow case
Don't be going through my phone
You respect the game
Trying to live life without you
Girl i swear it's lame


[Verse 3]
I need to match what i needed
Match what i already am that's a hunnit
Ain't looking for trouble i'm on another level
Keeps with your boy if you coming
I need a girl that be running
Running her own life cause she own it
Can't tell her nothing she grown up
She got a good job, graduated last summer
She don't need me, she want it
Got her own money
No handout she adds to the tab
I know why y'all n*ggas mad
She tells when y'all tryna holla
We sit back and laugh bout it
She crazy that's why i love her that's my baby
We ain't gotta do nothing
We can chill around the house
And still feels amaze


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