Me Myself and Us
[Verse 1:Mj]

I say f**k you b*t*h
My chick is hot
Beanies full of beezy stripes
Chill up in the valley
Motherf**kers know that sh*t is hot
Look up to nobody
You ain't bout it
Are you gonna shut it
Smooth thongued b*t*h
Smoothie drinking i dont give a sh*t
And you looking at that photo
Yea you know which photo
Holding my success they don't accept what they saw
Thought i was that young dude
Who'd be manipulated
But i did it myself my brothers know its complicated
Then i do it for my n***as
Do it for my n***as
We started from scratch i said i do it for my n***as
Everybody acting like they got a role in our lives
I roll it up sit down do my sh*t i'm alive
You old b*t*h n***as dont know the worth of your work
Selling high price stuff but you've been stomped like a roach
We are the nation
Beezy Birth
N***a, got so much cash in my purse

Um, What you trynna prove us
We don't need no proof
Say what you trynna do for us
We don't need your help

I say what you trynna prove us
We don't need no proof
It's me myself and us

Me , myself , my n***as
Me myself and us
Me , myself , my n***as
Me myself and us

[Verse 2:Tyranik]

Me myself and us
Ca va en rendre certains barjo
J'ai envie d'mettre les voiles
Car on ma trop mené en bateau
Tout tes types parle yo, tout tes types cause
J'ai jurer sur ta tête et sur la barbe a Rick ross
Ferme la yo ferme la
J'voulais pas être réduit a ca mais
J'suis attiré par les gros seins
Un peu comme un bébé affamé
Trop de Pd veulent ma tête
Trop de noblesse dans ma quête
Trop de flow j'ai dit trop de flow
J'ai dit trop de flow pour ces tapettes
Faire du son de ouf
Y'a vraiment pas de quoi
Apparemment t'en fait aussi bizarre j'me rappelle pas de toi
Normal ta 20 kilos de trop et tu fais quand même pas le poids
Han Han, Mais barres toi
Ces négros parlent trop
Mais ils connaissent pas l'Tyranik
Pas illuminati mais j'suis cheper sur ma pyramide
B*t*h, trop d'flow j'croit même que j'ai le flow du T**anic
Me myself and us donc j'aurai pas l'temps d'être ton p't** ami


[Verse 3:Kp]

Its just me myself and Us
I don't give a f**k
Bout what you're thinking
I just want to spit a verse
That will get me to Versace
Like uoeno sh*t about me
Me Myself and us we probably be on some fly sh*t
When we cruise down the streets
Black Beemer BZG
Mj on that driver sit
Tyranik in the back
Myself I'm on the front
We are beezy making projects With Loickeli Fyc
We are beezy making it
We are beezy making hits
CCO at 19
So if you need an internship
That b*t*h wants to change
That b*t*h is wanting me
But she only changes guys
Till she can find a guy like me
Me I'm talking bout some fly sh*t
Ferrari's i can't even buy sh*t
Myself, i'll do anything i can to reach the top
No matter what this is
Real n***as dont need no proof
Beezy Greedy, Bulletproof
In Paris with my n***as
Let me tell you what you owe me