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"Feed My Folks"

Yeah man
Big up
Wah di bloodclaat
Big up to all massive
Bun babylon
Crews worldwide
[?] family

[Verse 1:]
The gold conference
Platinum colored hair
All black on
Holding my grammy in the air
I fought the good fight
Everybody know I was there
Since 98 I barely had another good year
Homies changed
Homegirls changed
The wifey changed
The world changed
Sippin on this nasty champagne
I’m on the campaign
But they don’t know my damn pain
Still grateful for my blessings thought
I can’t complain
I’m still chillin out
Yeah just do the damn thing
I do my duty yo
Overseas up in paul mccartney studio
Yea me and my man simon
Hot gang international
Slip into bvlgari and drop [?] too
Droppin sh*t with meth and my whole crew
f*cka ya’ll [?]
Bam bam
Boom boom
African moon
The rich dude right here never left
But coming back soon
Just on my [?] tho
Same n*gga bro
When I was down it was the biggest joke
All I wanted to do was feed my folks
Somebody said yo imma sell this dope
[you know how we do]

[Verse 2:] [Nakeeba Amaniyea]
Somebody nah put nuh gun to wi head to do robbin
Man words
Babylon words
Fi wi fi sell out wi self fi some bread
Still they feelings hurt
Feelings hurt
And if them tink a small ting
When court a rise up like dirt
Up like dirt
Nuhbaddi nah put nuh gun to wi head
Fi do babylon work
Bablylon works

[Verse 3:] [Cappadonna]
Hey yo I’m back from the slums
I’m back on that newness
And I do give a f*ck about who’s more exclusive
Whatever is conducive
That’s where the juice is
Throw up your dueces
This is a wu blitz
Soundboy a go dead if him eva try f*ck wid
Champion sound murder everything that come round it
And you know i’m african crown quick
And ganga man know him haffi let di next pound slip
We do if fa di yute
Dem haffi mek di black graduate
Never hesitate fi mek dem come out on the straight tip
Dis di yute america black and dats di greatest
Martin luther king him a di greatest
Malcolm x yes him a di greatest
Garvey a di greatest
Selassie a di greatest
Every african wi haffi jump off di slave ship
And dem a make it
Farrakhan make it
Elijah make it
The christ make it
Everybody make it
Wi nah go take it
Nuh brutality
We haffi rise up
Gwan put on you hoodie
Some [?] a gwan nuhbaddi lookie lookie
Burn babylon dem ago treat wi like rookie
Speak the truth to the youth
The [?] system nah soosh me
Lick off dem bumborass if nuhbaddi try push me
A nuh bush weed only good broccoli
Walk in massive staten island posse
New york city
Cap dem nuh ready
Nah dem nuh ready
Dem fassy deh nuh ready
Yute dem nuh ready
Kill a b’ already
[?] dem nuh ready
Babylon nuh ready
Fire up di gun an dem nuh ready

Brockhead (echoes)

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