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"The Center of Attraction"

[Intro: Sample]
"Well, now I don’t mean to be dippin’ into y’all’s business, but I’ve been listening to you dudes talk about womens, and I wanna run down a little somethin’ to you"

[Verse 1: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, this my angel right here
She was amazing Carmela, caramel complexion
And God brought her into my life as a suggestion
We clicked, I liked mink, she liked iced out rings
The finer things in life, together we shared drinks
Vodka and cranberry, my little cherry
If I got locked, she would fill up my commisary
It was magic, I felt the bond between us
She was a jelly to my peanuts, Mars to Venus
The Earth to my sun, moon and stars, we added up
Mathematically, it's like I had a bad habit, B
She knew my lifestyle, chick of a crime boss
She would hide my guns in the house then lie to the task force
Finished my sentences, knew my exact frame of mind
Knew everything I had was hers and she was mine
We were crazy in love, couldn't get enough of each other
The center of attraction, we were made for one another

[Verse 2: Cappadonna]
Nah, don't even fall for that Caucasoid
She got your drink laced trying to turn you into an android
She's not your peanut butter, more like a f*cking nutcase
You all googly-eyed DeLucas mob watching your place
They pulling trains on her, beat and rape, c*m in her face
They got the drop on you, son, you're a f*cking disgrace
You think God sent her? Nah, it's the devil instead
They got plans for you, Tone, they want you dead, dead, dead
So get rid of that cherry pie pie, she mad poison
Tu carajo, they got to bring the boys in
Yeah, dun dun, DeLucas mob want your head on a platter
It don't matter, son, all your dreams is gonna shatter
They trying to get at ya, she got you caught in a rapture
n*gga, wake up, y'all aren't even made for one another
She a snake, Logan gone get you sprayed, brother
It's a set-up, seen it before, Doofie got wet up

[Verse 3: Ghostface Killah]
Nah, you're paranoid, man, your mind getting the best of you
She would never set me up, or lace my drink
Watch how you're talking, you know I keep heat in the mink
You're dead wrong, confusing her with one of your hoes
She's a ride or die chick, believe me, a n*gga knows
I'm the el capitan, put this whole squad together
Keep talking bro, I'll put one in your leather
Ballcap, Logan'll do the hit, now that's better

[Outro: Cappadonna]
Ah, man, come on, Tone
You sleepy eyes, man
I told you before, son, yo
You gotta stay focused out here man
Look out the window, man
DeLucas mob, son, you know who they are
Them same motherf*ckas, yo, I've seen her with…

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