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Kid Cudi Lyrics

PHASE 01 (2019)

Hold My Hand, in Heaven (2018)

ME (2018)

Rampage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2018)

Spotify Singles (2018)

Summer Pack - Single (2018)

The Ginger Tape 3/Class 3 Offense (2018)

OUT.EA$T.4.LIFE (2017)

COZY (2016)

G.O.O.D. Company (2016)

The Suicide Story (2016)

Through the Years: The Best of (2016)

Kevin Scampoli Sings Kid Cudi (2014)

Need For Speed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2014)

Curb Certified (2012)

Eraser (2011)


The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond (Version française) (2011)

Boss Of All Bosses 2.5 (2010)

Hippies Most Wanted Vol. 2 (2010)

Independence Day (2010)

NASA Music 2: Space Dreams (2010)

Stoner Charm (2010)

We Are The World (2010)

Get Wild (2009)

Straight No Chaser (2009)

Straight No Chaser (2009)

Who's Hotter Than Songz? Part 2 (2009)

Adam's Case Files - The Mixtape (2008)

Can't Stop Me (2008)

Day 'n' Nite (Single) (2008)

The Alchemist Cookbook (2008)

CudderIsBack (mixtape)

Funk Volume Presents: Nay Nay

Last Year In This

life or death mix tape

Openly Honest EP

unfinished version

Unrealsed Kid Cudi

Other Songs

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