$teven Cannon
[Verse 1]
Seen a big bankroll from a mile away
I could move a couple pounds in any way
I could f**k your b*t*h, now or any day
And if a n***a tried to kill me, they'll find me paid
I like going to the mall, shop at gun stores
See the barrel on my shotty, I don't run toys
I should have a cla** for you dumb boys
Got a ski mask at home, n***a, Bon Jovi
Cheffing it up with the brick stove, spilled baking soda on the counter
I don't do coke, but I'll do a xan 'cause I ain't no debby downer
That lil' n***a talk big sh*t
Your main b*t*h, I got d**k with
Got a double barrel with a vice grip
Got a nice crib for some fitness
Water whipping 'til I'm in a Lexus
Squeeze the clip like I'm ambidextrous
Lotta guns, I don't need protection
I don't need a rope, I could pull the weapon
Whip the pots like I teach a lesson
Walk the block like a new pedestrian
F**k recording, I don't need a session
I'm real, period, don't ask no questions

She gotta know, I got the dough
Baking soda full of snow
I be working by the store
They don't know what I be on
I be juggin' with the pack
Gotta paint the windows black
Car purr just like a cat
They don't know where I be at
[Verse 2: Ramirez]
F**king got my 30 clip
Bullets make him do a backflip
Infrared, it got the beam
Bodies floating down the stream
Water whipping, this is ghetto science
The paint on the Caddy, that n***a blinded
You dipped in designer but you still a b*t*h
Open your mouth and it smelling like d**k
All my n***as really smoking
Playboy, what the f**k you holding?
Give me whats inside your pocket
And I take that f**king Rolly
Jag moving down the way
F**k a speed limit, I'm tryna get paid
Ain't no n***a down to fade
'cause I'm stealing this b*t*h and she cannot be saved
Hello? Who the f**k is calling my phone?
"Bruh, I'm tryna buy a pack!"
Bruh, gon' get your a** gone
I don't be f**king with opps
Boy don't you play with my sh*t
$teve Cannon and Ramirez
Better hide your main b*t*h, god damn