Music (Ocean Eyes Remix)

More time, I just sit there quietly (Quietly)
Sh*t gets tirin', been through the loss and all of the wars
So, how can the music give me anxiety? (How)
I don't do too much that shall me
Now, they hardly buy me (Ugh)
I try dump it down (Down)
But they love when the move is fiery
All I was thinkin', feel too hot like I'm sort of snitchin'
Feel like I'm provokin', they drill me out
Ask my freedom, I'm riskin' (B)
I ain't been into the dishes
I've been online, just givin' opinions
Really outside, I'd step with the minions (Really)
What's really the issue?
Thеy chill for a sec' then wait, they'll ditch you
Doubt thеy'll miss you
Plenty of rappers comin' and goin'
Nuttin' ain't real, I noticed (Noticed)
But why do they say that they do it for the culture?
When they won't let man lean on the shoulder
I ain't worried, I just stay solid (Solid)
Life if I'm bein' honest
I just care about the ends, that's promise (Yes)
Put back on the mask, one second
Now, they all think I've got it (Huh)
But I've never lost it (No), I'm way too modest (Yes)
'Cause I've been called from back then (Then)
Mix in the drill with the trap then (Yes)
I see the 60's make sh*t happen (60's)
Motivatin', I'mma rappin' (Yes)
Back then, it was hardy cap then
And to do drill, you had to be bad men
All move ways, so I ain't got rap friends, no (No)
I just wish that the game was purer
Had more order
There's an issue? Just call up
Don't go online like someone's daughter
I try not get caught up, and just do rap (Rap)
But when there's a pack
I'm in a box, light is a corner
I've been a rapper, I've been an author
I've been a trapper, I've takin' orders
I used to bag it to get them Jordans
Now, it's all balance, and now, I don't force it
Used to be 30 man at Morley's
Now, we gotta put down 30 mortgage
Rap goes wack, can say I've bought it (Bought it)