No Mask
[Verse 1: K-Trap]
How you cop new jewels and ain't got no tool? What a bad decision (Bad one)
I gotta hug this block all weekend, now my baddies livid (Ugh)
First time with that brick of snow, the room went cold, it gave me shivers (SRB seperation confirmed)
Stepped out on the block like tell everyone that Trap's got dinners (Dinners)
Two hands on the spinners, Wild, Wild West ting (Two hands)
Had three, lost one to the feds but two still sing and I feel like WSTRN (WSTRN)
Heard it's frying, nuttin' more, nuttin' less than (Nuttin' more)
Me and bro just dress up and go and address them (Go)
But it's all about sales and streams (Streams)
'Cause if I get caught riding, they'll send me to jail like Meek (F**k)
That's no-calls for the next two weeks (Next two weeks)
Gotta slow down on the DxT's (Drillings and Trappings)
I just sent my sweet one a question mark, DXB (Dubai)
Fly out and fly it, get it they buy it, tell me I'm lying (Yes)
Talk 'bout bricks, I just make it awkward and ask man prices (What?)
Nuffin' ain't got no mileage and that's expensive, dare you to try it (Go on)
Trap's one of the hardest, dare you, deny it, no scales, I'm here tryna eye it (UGHH)

[Verse 2: RV]
No days off, maintaining my focus (Jugging)
Gotta drop weight on my soldiers (Have to)
I see my mum work hard and I'm tryna take weight off her shoulders (Mummy)
I ain't into wages or rotas (Nah)
Gotta make it rap or trapping (Trapping)
Tracksuit, no blazers or loafers (Come on)
Real n***as back in fashion, my price is high like Hakkasan is (Grub)
You out here tryna make ends meet (Haha)
These shoes on my feet cost rent P's (Come on)
.38 on my waist, see feds and I'm taking chase, I don't give two F's like a belt from Fendi (Nah)
Bad B's can come to the Nizz but for the opps, it's no entry (D**kheads)
Last time I stepped out on antics, whips and clothes got burnt, no blankness (Burn)
Petrol can and a match stick, trigger got pulled like hamstrings
Fry man's brain, I don't care if it's live or mains (Nah)
Just do it and hide my face 'cause I'm just bait like the IG page