Fire In The Booth- Part 1
(Verse 1)
Whys everyone gotta be bad?
And why dem man so talky?
Why you never been bad
You was just a fool in school that used to be naughty
Me I sat quiet in cla**
Weekends that was M10s and 40s
Forced this thing in a gym bag
How much times am I gonna look sporty?
None of my booters rap
They just come to the booth and support me
Done 28 days in the trap
My pockets fat now the girls adore me
Thank god for the trap
Cuz I was living my life so poorly
Them days when I new was waps
I should had the same last name was Cory
Now I just add and subtract these sums
Count these racks by the ones
More time traps by his ones
Cuz that’s the only time I get sh*t done
I just got two outta one
Now the whole room smells like rum
But if you know you know
But you won’t cah the boys too dumb
And everyday i push grub
T-house tryna market dis year
Or I’m on the block wishing that they would
But I gotta go park off dis tray
It’s all cray
014 was nuttin but pain
I was on the wing like Bale no bail cah the pigs thought I played Suarez dat day
I was in the kich like Jamie Olive
Tryna turn all this fake to profit
[?] to the man der doing up porridge
I ain’t going nowhere near I promise
All I wanna see is commas
So I Trap 24 hour
Break down dis 125 of power
I ain’t watched no episode of Power