Hazards (Remix)
[Intro: Stormzy]
I grew up in London
I grew up in what you’d call government housing
The hood
I grew up in a council estate
We call it the projects

[Pre-hook: Loski]
And we turnt up Harlem
My shooter my shooter my shooter
Ahki just looking Bin Laden
Like I shoulda left the brucky with uh uh
Probably would’ve left it in the garden
And back then my dip dip was large
Why you think it’s ba**y when I called it
Why you think it’s ba**y when I called it

[Hook: Loski] x2
Skengs on peds or toes with shanks do damage
Like all I hear is skudu and dudu like uh uh
No one ain’t banging
Gyal said she want a Harlem boy
Cah the Spartans mash it
Man down let anyone have it
[Verse 1]
Dirty bruckback, in a dirty trackie, ugh
F**k the bally, nuttin ain't changed
I still make man panic, true I'm way to wa**y
Before I smoke, I used to step with ba**y
Them man said it on A do 2 in the front
We're putting 2 in the front
Switch 4 n***as in the back seat
Make man run like athlete (stop running boy)
Me and T dun care dem spots just pop like acne
Like peng peng all on man gyal way too chatty
Harlem Spartan too trappy
Get dropped from the squad don't back beef
2 hands on the mash get clappy
TT get a 9 get it gone though
I'm with Juss that's 9 not rondo
Man still money dance in the bando
L1 in the cut 2 rambos
I love skengs and peds, violence no meds
They say 150 but it's 146, true there friend dem dead
I'm with Savage and 3 that's any man stressed
Neck and any man's chest
Swim swim get any man wet
Emoji in any gyal text (take any gyal)
TG stepped out in Louis, broski looking like chess
How can a girl be rude and dead
She lucky if she get third leg
She lucky if she get third leg
[Hook: Loski] x2
Skengs on peds or toes with shanks do damage
Like all I hear is skudu and dudu like uh uh
No one ain’t banging
Gyal said she want a Harlem boy
Cah the Spartans mash it
Man down let anyone have it

[Verse 2: Mischief]
Don’t smoke but my am stay loud
10 toes around my bit
Had man's phone going wild
Feds wanna know about man
Wanna know all the ins and the outs
Feds tryna take man’s licence
It’s true I’ve been doing up miles
Make bread out a council house (mula)
Line rings, miss shots and I’m vex
I don’t know about lacking
I put first blood on my chef
Foul play in the game
No replays or a ref
Catch a couple of pellets in the throat
True I aim for man’s chest
These dons some mugs
These dons some nerds
These guys talk me
But ain’t got any dirt
We done skrts on the opp block
Double tap, then I swurve
You weren't getting paid in cunch
That’s some voluntary work (sh*t den)
We got it while we calling but they dunno
My bro I got him and he dunno
Man down when I up this pole
They must think it’s food fights
When this corn gets thrown
[Verse 3: K Trap]
Treat the bando like a lundrac
Man wash and press it
Safe house like a gun store
All these dots and wa**ings
28 days in a T
I can’t even stop for a second
Got them 28 days on repeat
Now I stuff and work in my denim
I just got a 9 in the flake
Bro got a box in the am
I gon move this 9 by 8
But it’s no prob cause I can (no sweat)
I can take it back old school
Ten toes ting dots in a bag (ten toes)
Main road didn’t give a toss
Slap that dots and I ran
Mum don’t want me in the band
She told me just stop and change
But I ain’t nowhere rich
So I gotta wash that flake
Summer would a put 5 in the carti
But the opps don’t brave
Now they got me on the phone begging M
To cop this train
When I step, man step on a thousand
Pack stacks where my stack stays
Everybody talks like woosh
They ain’t seen or heard a mac spray
No smoke, chef man down with the black blade
Pumping my back, I ain’t worried but I back it
Smoke off, for the smoke down no ash tray

[Verse 4: Loski]
And what's all the gossip
I got Madeleine and Jackson 5 in the trap house
You know that I chop it, ay
Shotty just oh so long, looking like Gora's coffin
Squa said she just done the 6
Now she on the ends just boppin
Now she on the ends just boppin
Cut pack do road
GT stepped in with a 252 that's a 9 in O'z
F**k it, all the big bros do snow
All the big bros do snow
Gyal said she want the trapper of the year
Like sh*t I probably give it to Snow
Put 2 hands on that skeng
I'll blast at your friend if I hear he's involved
Man a do jail do home
Dare you put hands on bro, ay, ay
Trapping ain't great it's lovely
Harlem f**king up both
BP hot VS like O
How you gon' beef if you ain't got smoke
Yuckface and T's involved
Free G face and free C Rose
Paigons paigons are chatting like hoes
Move with the bruckback dem man know
Link TG that's train to go
Why you think I went jail
Cah I sleep with the smoke
Should of left it with uh uh, never bring it home
Harlem 011 that's O'z
Harlem 011 that's O’z

[Verse 5: LD]
Man’s out here project living
True say my line’s gone slow
I’m out here tryna catch man slipping
And true M say I can’t
Cause I’m a certified driller no fishing
And you say I do man dirty
The feds nicked me for a killing
But I walked straight out of them cells
They say I jumped out on bare
Opp blocks tryna send a man hell
Slide me pricks, they be sliding slips
Then had me coming like jail
Four of my friends are sitting in jail
I miss scars as well
And I put beef on streets
Spit truth on tracks but I put food on scales
Who’s he looking all racist
I got corn for the flats
And your mask better hold it if you take this
Violent like wicked and bad
And my gun come foul like a rapist
And shave my driller look mad
And my bredrin still tryna shave it
Put skengs in the car let’s lurk
Police ain’t saving you n***as you snitching
And you still get burst
Bare gun my man run round the kitch
Try me and you will get burst
The plug’s throws weight on the kid
Fill heads when I move that work
Throw heads when I fly them birds