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I CAN’T WAIT - Single (2020)

Promising Young Woman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2020)

We Are Deadbeats (Vol. 4) (2020)

Facing The Sea / Through The Storm (2018)

The Choices We Face (2018)

The Choices We Face (Remixes) (2018)

A Moment In Time (2017)

In Time (feat. Belle Doron) (2017)

Jump (feat. Nevve) (2017)

Kintsugi (2017)

Rocket League x Monstercat, Vol. 1 (2017)

Sleepwalker (Remixes) (2017)

Sunburn (2017)

Allday - Single (2016)

Gouldian Finch #01 (2016)

Monstercat - Best of 2016 (2016)


Moonwalk Mike (2015)


Dilate - Single

Stikbot: The Movie Soundtrack

Wake The Warrior

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