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King Los

"Stand The Rain (Intro)"

[Hook: Lori Perri]

Day after day, seems like I push against the clouds
They just keep blocking out the sun
It's seems since I was born
I've waken every blessed morning
Down on my luck and up against the wind
Don't you stop, don't you run, don't you cry

[Verse 1: Los]

Yo, please excuse this black mans pain
As I have a flash back of the last mans [?]
In my city, nothing pretty
n*ggas got it rough if you hustle you still struggle
sh*t is not enough and it's rottin'
n*ggas plottin, to bust a n*ggas brains
Over colors, young brothers they f*cking with them gangs
It's tradition, if you snitchin' it's money on yo head
If you poppin', them boys watchin, that's 20 with the feds
And it's f*cked up, you will never have another sunny
Day, if they find the body they gone add another twenty
Till that twenty, now is forty, n*gga doin thirty
Doin' hell in the cell, he thinkin' n*ggas did him dirty
You heard me, these girls is following these trends it's kinda crazy
n*gga drive a Mercedes and now Brenda's got a baby
And lately, I've prayin I been really prayin
That n*ggas won't be so silly and really see what I'm sayin'


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