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King Los

"Just Fine Remix"


{Verse 1:Los]
You now rockin' with a super fly guy
I'm the new super fly since super fly died
I'll pull up on your block in my super fly ride
b*tch mackin', looking for a super fly bride
In fact, I'm all that in a super sized fryer
My swag so high n*gga you can sky dive of it
Talk sh*t I'mma do a drive-by
Push a button on the coup and make the roof go bye bye
I'mma super fly guy, I don't hit him with the pound
Why the f*ck I gotta shoot him when I'm killin' em with style
And I'm loosin' my mind
How the f*ck I take super flying using 9 times
8 times would've made him say say great lines
7 times would've made him say he said it every time
6 times would've made him say say sick lines
5 times fly rhymes
4 times more lines
3 times see mines
Better than these guys
You guys are gonna have to try 2 times harder
To make with my swag, then I do mine off em'
My new kind offer you can get behind
I'm the one like 60 minus 59
Doin' 60 in my 59
Fly 59 50
Flyer than 59 Frisbee's
What I gotta tell these n*gga's 59 times
I've been the sh*t before that n*gga shot 50 nine times
I'm 59 times better
Let a n*gga say my name and it's rhymin' watch
Cause' I dont need a diamond watch
To make your girlfriend cam-cord me f*ckin' a diamond watch
Then I'mma f*ck your girl so the dime could watch
I'mma f*ck both girl's and let diamond watch
Seems I get diamond hot
I'mma cam-cord both of them b*tches f*ckin' diamond watch
Watch my grind its time when its time to drop
Can't stop my shine I shine like a diamond watch
Ain't a rap in the game with lines this hot
I could go double platinum signed to ???
Now the guts in the old school line of snots
The paint job like a n*gga dropped a lime of scotch
Your boy los point 2
I'm on my grind biatchh

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