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King Los


[Intro: JS]
Why would you create this King in me?
It puts so much responsibility in my hands (oh oh)
How did I get here?
Creator of the wind and the stars, the heavens and mars
Everything there is to be
Creator why are you so bad to me

[Verse 1: Los]
I wrote my life on the pages
You spoke it into existence
These chapters that held me captive
A passage of broken scriptures
Surpassing the passive with passion
Clashing with hopeless n*ggas
My hopes is to show em' focus and growth
They expose the sickness of seeing these flashing lights
Taking heed to this bad advice
You know demons attack at night
I been dreamin' in black and white
Due to lack of a true emotion
From things that I've sacrificed
In my past
But movin' past it is bringing me back to life
b*tch we ballin' gettin' this money
f*ck it these n*ggas tell me
My homies screamed out the window
I'm making sales on the celly
He's seldom used to solicit
His retail just limit detail
Never used the specifics
And f*ck the views of a critic
A politician could blow me
I'm rarely apologetic
My father ain't even know me
The f*ck do these n*ggas show me
If only I could erase the last 20 years of this life
In a flash; I take em' back just a couple kids on the bike
But by fate he would have a day
With knuckleheads in a fight
As they jumped him
Stomped out his cousin and bust his head with a pipe
It erupted something inside him
Interrupted his peace
Nothing peaceful about that vengeance he would eventually seek
See when you truly affected confusion is never gone
Everyday we losing the youth being used as the devils pawn
As he thought Imma kill him
f*ck Basking in all the sorrow
If these n*ggas murdered me they'd be back in the club tomorrow
Hit my n*gga sticks for a pistol that he could borrow
Came around the block in a tinted out Monte-Carlo
Told my n*gga sticks ride down on em'
He ready for em'
Semi-automatic weapon in his sweaty palm
Caught them n*ggas slippin
Start lickin' the pistol barkin'
Bustin' shots for every flower they put on these n*ggas coffins
But nobody got shot
Ditched the pistol he had to throw it
Rest in Peace to all you n*ggas still living but don't know it, King

[Verse 2: JS]
You make me everything I am
I can't exist without your love
My enemies rest at your hand
And it's because of who you are
Oh oh my creator (ah mm ah mm ah)
If the sun burns out
And the moons stops pulling the ocean
If the trees fall down
If the birds won't fly
And my heart can't love
I'll pray that your love brings me out of the darkness
My Creator
Oh Please

[Outro: Various Newscasters]
Two hours of questions and answers
A chance to find out what went wrong in 2013 a year that saw 235 murders
And it's no secret that the past ten days have put Baltimore in a dubious spotlight
As on of the most violent cities in the Country
By contrast Baltimore recorded 117 homicides
The Cities rate is 18.8 per 100,000
Three times higher than D.C

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