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"I Hate Summers"

[Sample: The Sylvers - Let It Be Me]

We deserve all that we've received
We wrote our own stories
This is the part I chose to be
Let them n*ggas follow
In my heart, I chose to lead
And on my mothers couch in the dark
I wrote to beats
Two windows, some motherf*cking pillows
I'm trying to picture me sitting next to Jay Leno
I pull up on my ex in a limo
Three girls with me, look like [?] in the limo
Yo, is that Kanye West in the limo?
Nah, that's just the future of the west in a limo
I remember DJs with dry wax on them
Now we got rap stations with no raps on them
You could buy a whole album with no facts on them
Watching BET don't make you motherf*cking black, homie
Let's take this motherf*cker back, homie
All motherf*cking black on me
Chuck D sh*t, Pirate fitted P sh*t
911 ain't never did nothing for me sh*t
Even in the dark I still see sh*t
That 'never give up, always gotta believe in me' sh*t
That 'get money, they don't fall from a tree' sh*t
Even when they told me I was never gonna be sh*t
I packed up, wore my little act up
Had the instrumentals on before I even backed up
We was in the studio so motherf*cking jacked up
I didn't even know the vocals had to be stacked up
I didn't even know the track had to be tracked up
Play it in the party like:
"Yeah, n*gga, that's us!"
So many girls in the spot, we was lapped up
Way before iPods, dog, we was macked up
Ass smack who had [?] smacked up
Ladies love Dom, and it ain't no motherf*cking backups
You Matt Cassel ass n*ggas
Capital One credit, no hassle ass n*ggas
Honest, sometimes I feel malice
Thinking about what happened to my younger cousin Alex
He lost his life for a gang that he wasn't down with
So now I walk around on some head down sh*t
Like, damn
They took my n*gga away from us
My sister called, said "They shot him in the face, brother"
That's why I hate summers


I shouldn't even want to f*ck with you [x4]

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