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"2 Sports Cars"

[Dom Kennedy]
Top Back, A.P.C.'s and a Sox hat
Paper plates on it like, yeah I just copped that
Shop at liquor stores that most n*ggas don't stop at
I'm going to f*ck that b*tch right there

n*gga you better watch that
I was out in Beverly Hills getting right
In that red whip, call that sh*t passion of christ
I was maxed at the light, b*tch passed on the right
Ass so fat she made a n*gga crash on his bike
Anyways, she be getting n*ggas for they pockets
Heard she set him up with some n*ggas from the projects

[Dom Kennedy]
b*tch try to touch my cash, she get murdered
Damn that ass fat

And on top of that she's burning

[Dom Kennedy]
She was with it huh?
Met that ass on twitter huh
Found out you wasn't the first and got bitter huh?
It's cold n*gga, big money on some gold n*gga
I was told to go all in, never fold n*gga
Always put the family first, never dough n*gga

Because today might be your last

[Dom Kennedy]
You never know n*gga

Remember that, me flip? I don't remember that
Meet me at the spot where you got the white leather at

[Dom Kennedy]
You should get the red joint

Nah dawg it's better black
Then I'll hit Venice up so I can get another tat
I was out in New York chilling at Manor, n*ggas tried to nail me but I had the hammer

[Dom Kennedy]
Glocked up GTA's just pop up
Rocked up cb4 (n*gga), I'm not puff
[?] GT4, I'm on your block chump
Anybody touch my sh*t is getting socked up

I be on my Dior sh*t
Black Scale, Jordans on my ball sh*t
SL on my 2 door sh*t
Blew the brains out on some Jordan of the 4 sh*t
n*ggas only wheel watch because they couldn't afford it

[Dom Kennedy]
Porsche's and wine is the way I kill time

And without saying that Ferrari is mine

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