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"Best You Never Had"

Lookin' like me

[Verse 1]
It goes I know you got that roommate, she said we was too loud
But we couldn't quiet down, eventually she moved out
Hottest n*gga in this sh*t, eventually I cooled down
Leimert Park I love you though potentially I'll move out
San Diego lookin' good, maybe I should move south?
Next to Shawn Merriman and do it like a married man
Be with one girl [can you do it?] yes I very can
But I just ain't that selfish so I share it with a pair of them
Keep at least twenty cents, n*ggas want their change back
Always been a player but I'm never getting played back
Always been a cool n*gga, you would say I'm laid back
But this where I belong and yes, n*gga I done made that
Who do you belong to? Somebody better save that
I just wanna say I thank the lady that can raise that
If I had an Ashley I would always wear a Braves hat
And damn I love my hood but I would kick it where she stays at
Love the way she's shaped up, that's what I'm amazed at
Even Dodgers fans would say that that's a Willie Mays catch
If I had an Angela I would always wear a A's hat
Write her long letters like "I'm tryna bring them waves back"
Gettin' my Chicago on, tryna bring them waves back
Before I let you go, sh*t I'm tryna bring that Maze back
I was on the phone love, I'm tryna bring that phase back
Know you got a n*gga girl but where you got his name at?
You ain't got it tatted on you, you can give that chain back
You can be a Kennedy, you'll never change your name back
I hit it, c*m, hit it, c*m, hit it, c*m...came back
I'm tryna knock 'em all down, you should let me frame that
I would keep it for myself, you should let me name that
It's a ribbon in the sky for us, you should let me sing that
Unh...but I'm a need you to sing back
Money, hoes, and clothes I'm just tryna get my lane back
Westside resident, we tryna take that game back
So if they ask who's coming up, them n*ggas better name that
Bobby...just that Best After Bobby, yeah, yeah
And I'm probably with your ex now, 105 westbound
Tell her leave them heels on, you can pull the rest down
Top 5 chest down, that means she got stupid ass
Make me feel young again, that means I hit it super fast
My head off that 91, means I got super gas
Took her to the back room and hit it to some Luther jams
Unh...rollin' like Terry in some Supras fam
Had a bad b*tch when you was hangin' with Mr. Cooper
Damn...and I don't mean to sound big headed
But when she goes down she says I'm big headed
I throw my rollie in the sky just cause BIG said it
I'm a end up mayor just like my n*gga Mibbs did it
I'm tryna find a house to throw my kids in it
And they gon' need a whole episode of cribs in it
My chain gon' hang lower then that n*gga Jibbs did it
All I'm missin' is some Jeezy ad-libs in this...

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