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Poppy Lyrics

I C U (Music to Read To) (2019)

I C U: Music To Read To (2019)

P3* (2019)

P3* (2019)

P3* (2019)

Am I A Girl? (2018)

Applebee's (2018)


Plonk (2018)

TBA (2018)

CHRLTT - EP (2017)

Galaxy (2017)

3​:​36 (Music to Sleep To) (2016)

NOW That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 58 [US] (2016)

Down for Whatever / Too Young to Fall in Love (2015)

Morde & Assopra Nacional (2011)

Am I a Girl? - The Outtakes

Chewing Gum

Coming Soon Maybe Idk lol

Hopeless, Mashups, Baby! (SkinnyWig Remix) - Single

Poppy.Computer - The Outtakes

Unreleased (artist: That Poppy)

Other Songs

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