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"Tell Me"

[Verse 1]
I think it's time to realize it's done
I guess I have to accept it
I was never the one
Yeah, it was so good
I thought I fell into someone else's dream
Yeah, but I let it be mine, thought you let it be yours
No nothing's ever what it seems

I thought I felt it all around
But now it's lyin there on the ground
Why was it there for me
But not for you?

Tell me, tell me
Because it's been so long
Now I'm sitting here
And you're so far gone

[Verse 1]
I'm staring down at the page in a magazine
I looked up at the TV, but it's just an empty screen
When we were together, I thought it was ecstasy
Oh I can tell the sun's still shining
But shadows are all I can see

And everywhere I go
I never see a face I know
What could I say
That could make you come back this way


[Verse 2]
Now I know I should have known
And I see I could have seen
You got a restless soul
Need to know, I want to find out
If your fields are still green

Now I hope that what I have found
Could somehow be true
Why is it such a long long way and you


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