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Playaz Circle

"Family Affair"

Feel like n*ggas taking us as a joke
Gotta show 'em who boss
My team gotta eat

You n*ggas be stupid and come with that beef sh*t you losin
My squad is guerillas no questions don't like us then sue us
A natural disaster I follow the footsteps of Luda
It's my time to shine
Don't need no co-signer I speak through my music I'm tighter
Than any female in your camp, see I'm taking the title
Think I don't see these snakes hatin on me
Time to expose these chicks soundin like me

[Lil' Fate]
Cheah! Lil' Fate, n*gga
G-Road, Southside

You n*ggas can't compete, I do this in my sleep
Dream about money, laying on million dollar sheets
Look at my feet, Louis, Gucci
To me Bathing Ape cheap, truly who he
Thank he is lookin all fruity?
Ghetto-ass n*gga got some money and turned bougie
Look at all them groupies, bopping, jocking
f*ck that sh*t, Lil' Fate's a problem, and you can't stop him

[Tity Boi]
I got a buncha sh*t
I got a buncha sh*t

Buncha flows, buncha dough, me and a buncha hoes
Drop some elbows on to ya, call 'em Dusty Rhodes
I done bought alot of ice, I don't f*ck with clothes
I was a felon, you see me fail
Now the truck so big I need CDL's
Only child that's poverty stricken
Project lifestyle, I will get rid of you n*gga
Quicker than a sack off in the trap
Do it like the dons do it
I'mma serve the next car that come through here

[Dolla Boy]
We defeated the odds, my squad is the realest
End up reaching the stars, they say the sky was the limit
From the start to the finish the hardest that did it
Anything different is not realistic, we're not listening
This is now a intro of a click called DT
Punch you in your sh*t folk, get wrong, silencer hit home
Ugly when they hit home
Tell them sucka n*ggas we from Southside we been on, we been on

[Brolic D]
Now I'm the hood's best I dun travel the long road up on this rap quest
Strap vest young'n, North Carolina accent
Don't act amped, Mac 10 bring truth with its back stance
Black bands on the money knots when I'm in the spot
Posted whipping pigeons in the kitchen for them lemon drops
I'll fix ya when I hit ya clip hit ya for your lemon pop
Nowadays I ain't on the block pitching but I'm in the spot shifting
For the top and the 6 is from the lot

[Perfect Harmony]
Oasis of this desert rap mirage hierarchy
KN guns play for the your Suns like Barkley
So don't bother me, we got choppers like west coast or Orange County
Born with that norm about me
They be high up like a balcony
Inspiration get it out of me especially when they doubting me
I'll never go back to the Bedford Drive way of living
Cause I thrive on precision you're high off wisdom
Yes I am a Christian, I make n*ggas listen
How my intermission one time found it's way in prison
Cause I don't act up, make you think
You hear that loud beep on a Mack Truck, ya hear me? Yeeeah!

[Small World]
Since I been wit a DTP, man everything just been better man
Better whips, better chains, better grip in the bank
Extra clips cause the young boy gun got better aim
Young veteran, let me spell my name, S-M-A-L-L-W-O-R-L-D
You will honor me, cover y'all n*ggas in dirt like pottery
My influence on this earth's surface is certain 4.4 certain to blow
You who it's curtains fo' when it's for Kurtis Blows
This here for the world to know, we fixing to blow like Merlin's nose
Twist chicks and curl they toes, then twist and twirl the dro

They say roses are red so is the gold on my neck
They say violets are blue and then my diamonds are too
D.T.P., got me on the bubble like court top
Since I met Luda I been playing diamond like shortstops
Sportin' rocks whiter than caucasians
Yellower than a coward tar hills in my red chain
Bluer than Smurfette's face, see through like an X-Ray
Thanks to Chak and Jeff lots of wealth
Blocks and bells and stock and shares, I'm outta here

[Shawn J]
Man, when it come to getting head I'm the local champ
The only male that get licked more than a postage stamp
It's a house in my garage, the car came with a green card
If you're a peon that means it's Eu-ro-pean
Punch lines bruise egos, rap Zab Judah
Don't get *Furious 2 Fast* and *Crash* like Luda
Get dashed on, Bobby Johnson that ass
Got potatoes for haters, n*ggas want beef, they get mashed on

You ain't know? Shawn mothaf*ckin' J, D.T.P
FPI, every mothaf*ckin..

It's the verse that you been waiting on, from the n*gga they be hating on
20 is the anchor every b*tch is conversating on
Your crib got square feet, too much for me to talk about
You saving for your car note, my driveway's a parking lot
Eastside OG, they hate it when a n*gga leave
I'm coming up in this world, you n*ggas dry heave
This is my speed I been here from the first day
Y'all n*ggas can't take our spot, y'all just valets

Motherf*ckin right. You betta understand it man, it's a Family Affair
Disturbing Tha Peace. Ludacris on the microphone
And as I told you before, we just getting started
That's right. We don't die, we multiply, n*gga
So whoever want it, come on and get it
Whatever you want, we could supply it
That's right dammit
Oh wait a second y'all thought I wasn't gonna rap on this motherf*cker too?
I'm the boss n*gga, look...

Motherf*cker, I'm a monster in this game, I thought I told you before
Fans so geeked up you think I sold them some blow
They sold on the flow, this rap game I'm closin the do'
5 years in a motherf*cking row, who want it? I got it
Cuz my raps are chaotic, your face blue like Hypnotiq
Cause I'm a multi-millionaire who still using Ebonics
Or country grammar we gon' bananas in South Atlanta
Jesus was a carpenter so we're proud about c*cking them hammers. n*gga

I'mma leave you with that, think about. Let's go...

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