Ray Stevens
Walkin’ the Dog
Seems we've forgotten the love we once vowed
Lately, discussions have gotten quite loud
Time to admit we live under a cloud
Where two is company and three is a crowd

We're living here, you see, just the dog, you and me
I get along with everyone but you
All we do is scream and shout, can't remember what about
Why we stay together, I don't have a clue
I've had all that I can bear, I just gotta get some air
And Rover says he'd like a breather too

So I'll be walkin' the dog (Walkin' the dog)
In case anyone wants to know (In case anyone wants to know)
He digs my monologue (My monologue)
He likes the places we go (Likes the places we go)
Through rain, sleet, snow or fog
I'll be walkin' the dog (Walkin' the dog)

When we reach driveway's end, I'll defer to man's best friend
Who's in deep consultation with his nose
Rover's really quite a scout and when he picks out a route
Ain't no changin' course, that's where we go

And out here on the street, you never know who you might meet
There's a lot of other folks with pooches too
And you never can tell, I might fall under a spell
And meet someone to take the place of you
So I'll be walkin' the pup (Walkin' the pup)
Loggin' mile after mile (Mile after mile after mile)
Take my advice, don't wait up (Don't wait up)
We could be gone for a while (Gone for a while)
Yeah, Rover's leadin' the way
No need to join Triple A
Through rain, sleet, snow or fog
I'll be walkin' the dog (Walkin' the dog)

Alright, you ready, Rover?
Yeah, I locked up your doghouse
Heh, let's mosey
Oh, there's a nice little place over there
Yeah, you're gonna leave 'em a little present on the lawn, are you?
Well, be sure and leave it close to the mailbox
That way, they'll know you were here, heh-heh
Oh, and there's a nice f‌ire hydrant over there too, yeah