Ray Stevens
Sex Symbols
Hey there, Jew-lio
No, no, that's Julio
You make all the women tremble, hey, Jew-lio
Julio, Julio
You're a regular sex symbol
A Latin lover like no other
A Don Jew-won, it's true
Eh, what?
Hey, but did you know, Jew-lio, I'm a sex symbol too?

Hey, Raymone
Yeah, Jew-lio?
You make all the women giggle
Must be my beard
Hey, Raymone
What is it?
You're a southern-fried sex symbol

A one-man band, you're funny and you have that certain charm
Yeah, I do
Hey, Raymone, I bet you'll kill 'em down on the farm

Sex symbols (Sex symbols)
Like Boxcar Willie or Ricardo Montalbán
Sex symbols (Sex symbols)
Yeah, like George "Goober" Lindsey, Valentino
We could go on and on
They all have that certain something
What it is, it's hard to tell
Maybe it's your voice, your looks, your tan
Or maybe it's your Tarzan yell
That's it, that's it
Hey, you know, Jew-lio?
What's that?
I've seen you sing out there in Las Vegas
And I've watched all them good-lookin', high-toned women
Throw their frilly unmentionables on stage with their motel keys
Yes, and it's really embarrassing sometimes
Yeah, I know
Why, one night down in Valdosta, Georgia
I broke into "It's Me Again, Margaret"
And them orthopedic industrial-strength pantyhose literally filled the air
You're kidding?
No, I'm not
I tell you, all this sex appeal can be a heavy cross to bear

Sex symbols (Sex symbols)
Yeah, like Grandpa Jones or Fernando Lamas
Sex symbols (Sex symbols)
Like Jerry Clower, Valentino
We could go on and on
They all have that certain something
Makes the women lose their poise
Maybe it's your long, black wavy hair
Or maybe it's your camel noise
Sex symbols
Hey, Raymone, have you ever been asked to pose for a magazine?
Yeah, I sure have
Was it Playgirl or Cosmo?
No, it was a medical journal of some kind
I ate too much boiled okra one night
And broke out in a rash all over my body
They said they ain't never seen nothin' like it
Then there was that time that Ripley's Believe it or Not called up
Oh yeah?
Yeah, they wanted to come out
Take some shots
I was busy, though
Yeah, I was posing for Field & Stream
I just caught an eight-pound smallmouth
Whoo, what a fight

Sex symbols