Ray Stevens
Obama Nation
Well, it started back in 1776
We told ol' King George we was sick of his tricks
Started our own thing, called it the USA

Yeah, things went fine 'til 1861
We had a little fallin' out called the Civil War
But we got through that, and once again we were on our way
(On our way!)

We saw 2 world wars, and the Great Depression
Korea and Vietnam, sure made an impression!
Presidents lied to us on TV
But look what we got today

It's an Obama Nation
(Obama Nation!)
Yeah, that's what we got
(That's what we got!)
It's an Obama Nation
(Obama Nation!)
Like it or not
(Like it or not!)

You can forget about how we did it yesterday
Obama is changing things, doing it his way
And all I can say is;
It's an Obama Nation
(Obama Nation!)
Well now, he doesn't seem to care about the Constitution
That's the past, he says, he's got a new solution
No need to bother Congress, they just get in his way
(Get in his way)

With executive orders and a room full of czars
He's taking over banks and buildin' our cars
He wants to run healthcare and control our take-home pay
(Take-home pay)

His Keynesian ways are increasing our debt
We haven't even seen the start of it yet
Our grandkids are gonna' be payin' till' they're dyin' a day

For this Obama Nation
(Obama Nation!)
Yeah, That's what we got
(That's what we got!)
It's an Obama Nation
(Obama Nation!)
Like it or not
(Like it or not!)

It's tax, spend, spend and tax
He's gonna break us all, but let's face the facts
He TOLD us what he's gonna do
It's his Obama Nation
(Obama Nation)
Well, he [?], and liberals or a socialist
He prefers progressive, but you can bet on this
No matter what you call it, friend
It's an Obama Nation
(Obama Nation)

Yeah, I think he wants to change USA to US-S-A
United Socialist States of America
Well, dasvidaniya, comrade!
Whew! Have mercy!
Hey! You with the Obama sticker on your bumper!
How is that Hope and Change working for ya?
Y'know me, I'm just hopin' I'll have some CHANGE left in 2012!
But that's just me...