Ray Stevens
I Saw Elvis in a U.F.O.
This is the evening news
Let's go now to our field reporter
Renaldo Riviera

This is Renaldo Riviera on the banks of the stinky muddy river with Mr. R.V. Frisbee
Who claims to have witnessed something truly fantastic
Mr. Frisbee could you tell us what you saw

Yeah, I's just hunkered down over there puttin' a stink wad on my trot line
And the short hairs just stood straight out on the back of my neck
And I turned around and there's this big orange thing with them purple lights on it
Come swoopin' over them pine trees and just hoovered over the Winnebago there
Inez run out and throwed a skillet at it
And then she scissored and run back in under the hide-a-bed
'Bout that time a little trap door opened up
Little stair steps come down and this little pink baldheaded guy stuck his head out
Now I seen that movie "Close Encounters"
I just walked on over there big as Ike and
Looked up in there and there he was

There who was?

I saw Elvis in a U.F.O. sittin' there with Howard Hughes
I saw Elvis in a U.F.O. Jimmy Hoffa was in there too
I saw Elvis in a U.F.O. singing them rhythm and blues
And Liberace was there and he had on a pair of Imelda Marcos' shoes
What is that, a shootin' star, streakin' cross the heavens above?
No it's a whole lot more than a shootin' star, it's a hunka hunka burning love, Oooh

I saw the Colonel in a U.F.O. had a big smile on his face
And then he shook his head, puffed on his cigar and said
"I done book "Elvis" out in outer space"

And then those little pink men they all jumped in dancin' up and down the stairs
And then they rolled their eyes, began to harmonize and it sounded like the Jordanaires

Bop bop bop bop uh unh huh bop bop bop
We got Elvis in a U.F.O. he's too good for the human race
We got Elvis in a U.F.O. we're going to keep him out in outer space

They got Elvis in a U.F.O. honey have you heard the news
They got Elvis in a U.F.O. just singing them rhythm and blues
They got Elvis in a U.F.O

And the colonel and Howard Hughes and Jimmy Hoffa even Liberace's
Up there he ain't never had no hit record, honey
I done had more hits than anybody, but do I get to go in a U.F.O.?
No! Now is that fair?
I'm the king of Rock and Roll! The originator!
I started the whole thing, baby, and I think it's about time I got to go on a U.F.O.!
You better beam me up Scotty
Or your little pink baldheaded people done tore it with me