Ray Stevens
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
Well, in the frozen north of the Yukon
Lived the king of the Royal Mountie Fuzz
Sergeant Preston was his name
King his dog?s name was

He had a big red coat and a big black boots
And a whistle on a chain
All of the crooks ran for cover
'Cause he always got his man

He said, "I own King, I own you great husky"
And that great husky said, "Aooo, ohh"
And he said, "Must all y'all huskies," all them huskies say
"Aooo, ohh"

Well, Dirty Dan of Squeakyville
Robbed a train coach one day
Killed off all five Eskimos
And a made his getaway

"He won't get past", says Sergeant Preston
"I got my trusty dog"
"I'll track him down and a bring him back
He'll have to pay the cost"

Well, for thirty days, thirty nights
They followed the tracks in snow
And the weather was howling, weather was cold
Lord, it must be forty below zero
All of a sudden King that great wonder dog
Stopped dead in his tracks, gave out a mighty sniff
Start sniffing all 'round there 'cause he knew, he knew
He knew that Dirty Dan was behind the next snowdrift

And Sergeant Preston said
"I own King, I own you great husky"
And that great husky said, "Aooo ohh"
Sergeant Preston said, "Get him, boy
This place is too sick of him"

Says, "Tail him, that big dog
Just tear through that snow [Incomprehensible]"
Them ears back at, tail stacking straight up
And there just shakin his head side to side
And breathing fire, he said, "Aooo ohh"

Well, they brought that villain to justice
He didn't even put up a fight
When he saw that big dog charging at him
He almost died of fright

And Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
Is proud 'cause he's done it again
He got his man, you can hear him say
"Who needs Rin Tin Tin"
He said, "King, this case is closed"
And that dog said, "Aooo ohh"