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"FREEBANDZ RADIO Episode 1 Tracklist"

DJ Esco Set
Future - Grammy's [NEW SOLO]
Future - Buy Love
Future - That's a Check ft. Rick Ross [NEW AD-LIBS]
Future - Ain't Tryin [EXTENDED OUTRO]
Future - News or Somthn [EXTENDED OUTRO]
DJ Esco - Too Much Sauce ft. Future and Lil Uzi Vert

Album: Future - FUTURE
1. Rent Money
2. Good Dope
3. Zoom
4. Draco
5. Super Trapper
6. POA
7. Mask Off
8. High Demand
9. Outta Time
10. Scrape
11. I'm So Groovy
12. Might as Well
13. Poppin' Tags
14. Massage in My Room
15. Flip
16. When I Was Broke
17. Feds Did a Sweep

DJ Esco Set
Future - Magic
Future - Tony Montana
Future - Same Damn Time
Future - Astronaut Chick
Future - Feeling I Get
Future - Lie to Me
Future - March Madness
Future - POA
Future - YSL Cheetah
Future - Futureback
Future - Super Trapper
Future - High Demand
Future - Trending Topic

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