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Army of the Pharaohs


[Intro: Doap Nixon]
Uh! A-O-T-P in this n*gga!
We don't rumble no more!
I will take it back and disrespect a n*gga sliding 'fore I pull that ratchet out
I'm going in. Uh!

[Verse 1: Doap Nixon]
Why you runnin' with those lames that's tapped out
AOTP is front line with they MACs out
And we don't rumble no more, we comin' for war
I can hit from a long range, don't care if you draw
And uh... your eyes can't hit what they can't see
The M1, will melt a n*gga wig like gangrene
And my trees is laced, bucket is half licked
My whole team got laced, half of them rich
The other half... originate from the best part
My right hook'll leave your face covered with stretch-marks
When the swellin' go down, I'm tellin' you clowns
My next step is fillin' up your melon with rounds
And uh... this is warfare, n*ggas in war gear
The A-O-T-P, whole roster is all here
So fall back if you thinkin' of beefin' dog
I had my n*gga Reef tie your moms to a tree with barb

[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
The heavy metal king hold big sh*t I c*ck the heaters
Fat, bald, Puerto Ricans, and the pasta eaters
Every move I make righteous, God Allah can see us
Peace to Abraham, Ishmael, Jacob, Jesus
Peace to every man, woman, and child
To Mohammad and his glorious muezzin Bilal
You a swine eater, that means all your energy foul
I'm a divine leader, that means all my enemies bow
Yeah, but I ain't worried 'bout my enemies now
Even though at times my team can be incredibly wild
Don't attempt to ever get me to smile
Unless you wanna see what bullets do to heads of a child (Yeah!)

[Verse 3: Planetary]
Behold a Pale Horse, y'all n*ggas is runnin' the frail course (Get up!)
Ain't nothin' better than smellin' the stale corpse
Depicted... through your skeleton, wear elegant gloves
Purple blood on the fingers we locked from Hell and above
(The shell from a slug) Turn grizzly bears into cubs
I make the birds fly south when we get it crunk in the club
Its nothin' to us, we bustin' militant verses
Belligerent syndicate, we spit the gift and the curses
You n*ggas worthless, I seen you in your cypher with your backpack
I'm way past that, may God strike ya
You sounded like you was readin', you was off-beat even
So you left with your jaw leakin', I punished 'em all speakin'
We all beefin', n*ggas is runnin' rampant
I curve verbs, the type that can serve Sampras
Y'all all infantile n*ggas in Pampers
There's no cure to my sickness, I'm rap's cancer

[Verse 4: King Syze (Demoz)]
Let's get it crackin' - What happened to all of y'all?
These QD stars got the people screamin' for encore
We love raw, direct, uncut raw
And ya little particles, we bound to dust and mop
Rap sh*t is my rope and I ain't givin' it slack
Main question in the air, "Man, who bringin' it back?"
Gotta' be us, honestly "In God We Trust"
Apply pressure to the point and it will probably bust
Don't ever strike me, rollin' with Crypt that's more than likely
My daily operation for the cash on the nightly
We all icy, hustle just for the grams
And breaking bread with the Pharaohs man, that's part of the plan
(It go, it go, it go, it go. Demoz!)

[Verse 5: Demoz]
Food off your plate I scrape, I will never cater
Demoz tryin' to come up... like a elevator
Green money, make paper, like I own a forest
He's funny, rap name should be Martin Lawrence
Never hated, I ain't trynna say I never made it
Man, my confidence is high like it's medicated
Call me a loose charm, I'm off the chain
I'm off the wall like in memory of my name
Versatile with the flow, they all the same
Ghetto can't walk right, I borrow the cane
Raincoat, umbrella, stop all your rain
The industry a buffet, I eat all I can
So f*ck if you next and f*ck a duet (Let's go!)
You n*ggas don't want to play me like Russian Roulette (Nope!)
Man you DVD rappers sound uncomfortable, bet
This not a exercise tape, why you bustin' a sweat? (n*gga)

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