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Army of the Pharaohs

"The Tempter and the Bible Black"

(If I have to get ill, then I will)

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Look, yeah

The God anonymous, honorably honoring Hieronymus
Eponymous, the name of the life and death of the novelist
The seventh son of the seventh son, it's severing honestness
Conquerors conquering every catty corner of Cartilage
The horror is the thought of the fatherless of an orphanage
The force of this four fifth fold you like a contortionist
Arturo Gatti, I am like John A. Gotti, extortionist
Source of this arsenic, I am always honoring horror with
Pharmacists is ominous, I am human people and what have you
Fourth teacher, no more less, the jux grab you
The looks stab you considering the moral response
I'm from Philly but I love what was born in the Bronx

[Verse 2: Planetary]
Killadelph, Shambala, it's the ball plan, holla
These n*ggas get grandfather, got them rubberband dollars
Christopher Wallace buildin' with Christopher Rios
n*ggas on mics, I'm Lucio rightfully so, I'm righteously evil
Spitefully sticking the jagged knife right through your cerebral
I'm dying for people to start dying in my cathedral
Seagal with the toolie, Ricky D with all the jewelery
Underground Philly, OG rapping for Schooly
Listen, I'm a Piston like Isaiah
With Joe Dumars and a few bars I might slay you
Skyscraper, higher than fly in the Las Vegas
Them permanently boxing with my god on a hiatus
Hi haters

[Verse 3: Esoteric]
I'm immaculate, accurate, I'm a graduate gradually smacking y'all
I'm passionate, my skill they ration it, your whip I'm jacking it
With your wifey and bands of cash in it
I'm stashin' it, the most elaborate rapper from Nazareth
Trapping crabs in the labyrinth, vandalizing the Vatican
di*king down Mary Magdalene spit it without a pad and pen
I'm adamant about smashing Atoms to pieces
I ain't too bright but when it comes to catching bodies
I'm a genius, I'm mad at polices I'm radical Jesus
You travel with Visas, I travel with Telekinesis
My elegant speeches blow your wig back like when an Elephant sneezes
I'm belly laughing at your barely relevant speeches

[Verse 4: Apathy]
I was born inside chemicals edible liquid dripping from
Mechanical tentacles in a pod with embryonic fluid residue
Optical scanning retinal, I'm a virtual vegetable
I leap outta my skeletal to open vortexical
Vehicles I decipher hieroglyphic script on schedule
Get into metaphysical form for hyper dimensional
Travel unravel time To the Tower of Babel Ap'll
Rip the Adam's apple out you and diss you and dance around you Like you're sacrificial cattle a gat'll fill you with shrapnel
I'll grapple ya tabernacle
Tip and rip it to the gravel ya fragile as fraggle
Bodies I travel thru Abu Dhabi pack the shotties
That'll split ya shell quicker than edamames ungodly

[Verse 5: Celph Titled]
The Tec ringer, death bringer strangulation by dental floss
I'll make the toughest men feel menopause (Yes!)
Either you sustain my slaughter, you get a restraining order
Dumped your body in Philly your brains in Florida. (Ahhh)
My weed carriers carry pistols
Pallbearers, cesarian cuts rip through
If you f*ck with this crew I send shots
Bogey at six o'clock, got you on the target lock (Unhh)
Your hard act get the Roseanne Barr laugh
The bar tab buy it out Peek into my studio
Put your head in the Lion's mouth
God damn it's me, I don't talk; my hammers speak
I'm Tampa's beast, digging up corpses for some sandwich meat

"Try to react to this verbal attack"
"Cause if I have to get ill, then I will"
Time and time again as I pick up the pen
As my thoughts submerge, these are those words
"Cause if I have to get ill, then I will" (x3)
"Time and time again as I pick up the pen
As my thoughts submerge, these are those words"

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