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Army of the Pharaohs

"Ease Up"

[Verse 1: Planetary]
Your boy back, boy that sound good to the masses
My boy Blac, Reef, Esoteric, we massive
The art of dots, and now we aiming them at your management
He like a mannequin, stiff a n*gga? We stabbing 'em
Your distribution deal, deaded from that Louisville
Planetary shoot to kill, tell me how this bullet feel
Ain't no fighting tooth and nail this is what I do for real
Money, man I need something like Meek Mill's Puma deal
I let the Ruger peel n*gga this is Vietnam
Very rare, you can give a stare and I'm a sea of calm
I'm a caged up animal, you flammable
I'm pouring gasoline on your mixtapes and camera crew

[Verse 2: Reef the Lost Cauze]
Ah Snap! I got the power still
It's light work like I just paid my power bill
I never know how a coward feel
Y'all got the bitter face, you been sucking on a sour dill
Back and bigger, the baddest spitter
My man Eso just bought a crib off of Czarface action figures
Make more off merchandise than you will in your worthless life
A hundred "f*ck you, pay me" t-shirts, they be gone tonight
The mic that I'm holding is probably stolen
You a deceiver, I’m a retriever, stay golden like Logan
I'm in Rome doing shows with the Romans
In those little ass hotel rooms, the windows won't open
I'm hot!

[Hook x 2]
Stay off these nuts
Rappers better ease up
I roll my sleeves up
And f*ck a few MCs up
They light work, light work
Like raking leaves up
They talking like they got that heat
But they freeze up

[Verse 3: Blacastan]
Concubines worship the ground that I walk on
Chalk outlines on corners that I stalked on
Let's see who loves you when you under the rubble
Let's see who rides with you when that ass is really in trouble
Roll up a notebook and spit a sharp pencil through it
What I'm spitting acid, poisonous fluid
Champion hooded, blacked out like the arch-druid
Punch through your chest and snatch your weak ass heart through it
300 time deeper than your idol Leonidas
If there's beef, never sleep - I'll call and reunite us
Bicker and squabble and beats, never could divide us
In your cerebral, we spreading like it's gingivitis

[Verse 4: Esoteric]
Coming to you liver
Crack your jaw, get a wire
It's Black Goliath, rap messiah, rapid fire
Stu Bangas on the track, that's the crack supplier
Everything is in sync, we don't match attire
Slang rough, hangin' tough, no McIntyre
You say you getting rap money and it's stacking higher
But you a nine-to-fiver
That can't find the time to pass out a stack of flyers
sh*t, you a crappy liar
Call me your Sire
Bad to the bone, back in the zone
I didn't need nobody's help, no I acted alone
They say they thugging, they're bugging
What type of thugging is clubbing
And popping bub' outside the VIP and tuggin'
On the velvet rope, hoping to avoid a snubbing
Claiming that they hella' dope, but they don't sell, they broke
They're the usual, and couldn't see it with a telescope
Cause they delusional

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