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"USG Cypher [SBTV]"

Verse 1 [K Koke]
I got a crazy time piece no rolex
And when the hand strikes the nine shots go fetch
If a man cross the line he cause his own death
A couple grand on your life a couple cold steps
If my money's on your money get your dome swept
Like a cleaner in the streets when the roads messed
I'm in the streets police believe that im homeless
Cuz nobody feeds me i got to got get
Because I want a TT and my own nest
And I want to be free from the roads clench
I want my pockets lookin like they so hench
So i create my own pie and make the dough spread
And keep heat until cheese is dripping of my own bread
Believe me these peeps won't listen till they go deaf
It's likely ill be living with a chrome spesh
Try me i squeeze rip it through your bold chest
I saw these di*kheads in prison and they don't rep
I don't care about how you are living got my own stress
And I don't care about these women if we don't sex
And even then i don't bring them to my own bed
A real G chilling in my own head
Real beef will survive it just don't dead
It gets passed down the line from the olders
Just another pump pump postcode death
I know that it is what it is stay focused
Cuz a dream and a wish ain't hopeless
Believe it from me i own this
Plus i got a reason to breath i got my own kids
So i need to achieve cuz they grow quick
Believe im gonna teach them how the roads is
Teach my son to never trust a cold b*tch
And my daughter's independence get your own sh*t
And if im not present know my soul is
The thought of not seeing them grow makes me so sick
So I gotta leave the road and get my dough quick
Before i end up with holes in my own whip

Verse 2 [Aystar]
I'm like USG I'm on this f*cking ting are you messin'
Man tried to beef I backed out the Smith and Wesson
They went from running at a guy to flappin' it and hessin'
I went from standing there to banging shots of then deppin'
And that's how easy man can get it man dont know im strapped
Ask Izzy man was in the party with the Mac
And plod come in the gaff talking bout they want to search the place
I was over back, I ain't getting nicked and serving 8
That's real talk man don't even have to lie
Man I'll slap a guy
Talking bout you wanna capture I
Rolling with your rusty reeboks ill go get three fours and two of my mates and be outside with all three doors
And whats he saying all 3 of us start popping hopping of KTMs
With 3.45's its nothing
But man are risking freedom
That's why i'm like is he dumb
I'll phone man to pop up out the blue like some pre c*m
And leave a n*gga lying on the road just like a speed bump
Suspect gang you already know how it goes down
I be on the road shotting O's to the whole town
I got this chrome 9 it holds a cold round
And if it bangs no washing up you'll get the clothes down
I'm on this money sh*t music sh*t street sh*t
Got a bit of beef so the straps within reach kid
And you don't wanna hear it wanna hear it screech
It's got some nice teeth so if it touches you it's peak
I'm out on these streets tryna eat
I ain't tryna beef,but if its beef just know i pack the heat
And imma bang straight at your peeps
And imma run from police when they come im staying strapped with that piece
If i don't get away im gonna bang at the police
No time to hesitate if I don't get away i'm gonna do what i have to
Don't let the police catch you
Plod running up like yo freeze this ain't a statue

Verse 3 [Geko]
Im sicker than an aids patient
All you rappers talking bout this pay making fake aching clay making names blazing flames baiting
Strip the beat naked like the beat was on babestation
b*tches setting n*ggas up
Bank account ain't figured up
Snitches getting stitches if you are real throw ya triggers up
Hoods kinda nuts you can say the hoods snickered up
I'm little kid that makes the gal dem throw their knickers up
Living in this block life
Wishing for that rock like
Can't say you ain't fake pus*y yo i clocked twice
I got a team full of dogs and the dogs bite
Rolling with some brothers full of donners letting slogs fly
Alright so let me tell you bout the times when
Young kids chilling thinking we were wise men
So let me tell you bout the issue bro
Cuz i been through more sh*t than a tissue roll
Money got me crawling falling happy in the morning snoring
Ladies them are balling calling saying they want foreskin for me
So i hit that running from the flipping federales, then i kick back
Tell your girl to come and bounce it on me
And i click clack if I hear some sh*t from anybody
On the strip flat feeling like im just an anybody
The money can be easy peasy if you brain
Talking all that greezy beef G but you ain't the same
Whether getting breezy please believe me im insane
Do you really feel me leave me easy in the rain
Running with my Nikes on
Scarring got my mikey on
Relying on myself no one else to some and guide me on
Party in the USA getting all my Miley on
Saying the gonna get after me im saying come and find me don
Im still from the block where the kids got the guns and the knives in their sock

Verse 4 [Squingy]
Raised in the gutter i know about suffering
Nothing in my cupboard stomach still rumbling
Money's still tight even though we hustling
Fam i can't take it cuz everyday's the same sh*t
Red letter bills and threats from the bailiffs
Pray days changes but sh*t never changes
Boilers on the blink again pipes ain't heating right leccies running low im righting bars by the candle light
Plan A flopped im looking for a plan B
p*ssed off angry gotta feed the family
Pops gone to heaven im in charge of the family
So i can't give a f*ck if you fools can't stand me
Bad mine [?] fake friends got to go
Wanna put a hole in my head like a cheerio
That's why i role the streets alone
Up and down these risky roads
Snakes got me moving bait with the loaded 38
Jake's got me losing papes
Stress got me losing weight
Still im optimistic staged on the older fate
Pray for the days i make it out this ghetto maze
Momma said stay strong this bad patch is just a phase
Dont move reckless kick back meditate
Your closest friend could be a snake
Im sharp like a guillotine
Out on these killer streets
Streets is corrupted turns friends to enemies
Some sent to jail some to the cemetery
Gun shots body drops turns man to memories

Verse 5 [lefty]
We keep em sticking to the the mission in this thing of ours
Im trying to fulfill all my visions figures bigger cars
Bigger yards no limits on a n*ggers cards
My childeren think that life is easy though we living hard
And that's the way I want it cuz i grew with some different scars
Prefer physical to mental [???]
Sitting here wishing on a star that ain't gonna get you far
So i treat this sh*t like gym now watch me lift the bar
So im raised in the wake of the latest tape
And im tryna get these balling wages that these lakers make
My sons and daughters they be straight clothes is tailor made
Cuz you ain't getting none of the cake you sippin haterade
Get out my way or get laid flat that's the state of play
I got my stacks from the dawn of night to the break of day
From all the bullsh*t and the hype i had to break away
So i rely on what I write I got to make this pay

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