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"Hand On Your Gun"

[Produced by Show N Prove]

Look its getting peak in the streets
Nowadays most n*ggas heat
Some will burn ya
Some will kill
Most don't intend to murder
Cos most ain't good with a burner
And some do't really want to squeeze the squirter
Only coped a gun to boost your street creed
Now hes gassed up and its gone to hes head
And now some real gun buses want to pop his bean head
And they ain't gonna stop till hes dead
And paint the streets red
With blood from hes head
If he gets caught slipping then he knows that hes dead
Put he life on the line cos he wanted street creed
Now he can't even walk the streets
Ducking from hawk and beef
And any time chock and beat
Can put his corps to sleep
Wants to put down his gun
Than he here there voices speak

Keep hand by your dam thing
Round here shot beat on a random
Head shoot you can die where your standing
Or on a bang you can die on your landing
Keep in local if your the man bringing grands in
Stick up kids will turn a fat man so thine
Show to much love your having problems
I don't trust the as far as I can lob them
I ain't a gang banger
But I bang on gangs
No homo bang a man
Bring a whip gloves and a banger fam
Like hes been talking the longest balinstand
f*ck a drive by
Put the work in
Close rang
Chest plate
Leave you j*rking
He used to say to me
Now I say to he

I'm on the street till the break of dawn
Got to cut into my sleep I'm out here chasing storms
Plus it beef so I creep or ill be facing corn
And if I see him chase him in th bm like I'm chasing born
Cos when I swing I'm leaving faces torn
Tell my chick to take the stick cos the place is worm
Just tell me whos this pus*y talking to
Cos if it ain't it bullets you know where stick the hawk in you
Just watch you chat when your walking through
Them p***y say they got your back they ain't supporting you
And the love dont come like it orto do
That why the blood runs like water do
And they say where gang when its sort of true
The advise we gave here is for all of you
Mums dads daughters to
And your sons

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