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"Come Thru"

[Hook: Vanity Fare's "Early in the Morning"]
Evening, is the time of day
I find, nothing much to say
Don't know, what to do.. but I come to

[Styles P]
Here's why they call me the ghost - I'm half live half dead
And when there's beef I bring all of the toast
And I got more guns than most of New York
And I ain't got to say sh*t cause the toasters'll talk
Holiday Styles ignorant n*gga
Tre pound four pound still tearin off your ligament n*gga
I'm the hardest rapper out b*tches diggin a n*gga
And like anybody who beef can swim in the river
When I walk through the door all the children'll shiver
It's like, "He's so gangsta - y'all so pus*y"
I murder y'all faggots so y'all don't push me
All I know is goin through hell, blowin a shell
I got, down so hard I thought no one'd tell
But I was damn wrong, I hold it down like my man's gone
I shoot anything I get my f*ckin hands on
To leave y'all coward n*ggas bloody like a tampon


Yo.. E Nicks where you at n*gga?
Uhh, uhh, yo
I'm sick and tired of rappers talkin 'bout, all this chedder
And when you see them in the streets got a bullsh*t Jetta
I'm like dog stop frontin, you shouldn't be braggin
And why the f*ck you got rims if you push a Volkswagen?
I spit vicious, let my bank account switch digits
And if money was height - you'd be midgets (go on n*gga)
I spit hard save it, sinner n*gga affadavit
And next to God, I'm most n*ggas mom favorite
Y'all talk gangsta but you notice the mob
And I could bring you to the hood and get, both of you robbed
You see I live in the streets, I sleep in the streets
f*ck it - I probably got, more guns than police
n*ggas say I'm too hard, them n*ggas too soft
Straight pus*y, I heard they suck di*k up North
And it ain't so foul so, hold your breath
And you probably still real just a gangsta left


[Styles P]
All I can say this the game I chose
For this European car and these name brand clothes
Get respect from these n*ggas, spit game at hoes
Come down with a bounce and a strange-ass flow
I got bigger than I thought I would
I did sh*t that I thought I could
Act rowdy cause I fought that good
Them blocks is mine I bought that hood
They know I squeeze, smoke trees, and blow bo-dies

And your boss even know, that y'all n*ggazs can get it
Have y'all skeleton CRACKED, and some holes in your fitted
Have your body chopped up, in six different lakes
And you ain't even safe right in front of the Jakes
They call me Stan Still, cause I buck and just stand still
And most of y'all n*ggazs run, plus your mans will
Folded up in a corner, behind a van still
And your hoes can get it, then your mans will


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