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Mickey Factz

"Food 4 Thought"

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Burn slow like joints of purple
Hot Spitta, jet n*gga ya'll know
Roll 84 down bumpy roads
Take Kanye advice: drive slow
n*ggas think they tough they not macho
They soft, soggy nachos
That's mine doggie not yo's
Style, gear, ya got it from here
No worries, raps I got plenty to share
I'm on top I did my ground work last year
You could pass go you could pass the ball
But don't pass me the reggie that you're growing in your backyard
sh*t might hurt me f*ck my raps off
Aurora Borealis blast make me blast off
I came I kicked that sh*t
Shoulda took my Chris Webber Air Max off

Come on and take a bite
Of this food for thought
Let it ease your mind
Let it take control

[Verse 2: Mickey Factz]
I was born in Roswell
Performed and dropped hell
It's the lyrical Norman Rockwell
And I have to be seen
Call me the king looking for my Alexander McQueen
Mean, I'm giving soul food to protools
That go through your brain waves, you like it don't you?
Don't move, and ya'll won't late
It's John Coultrane with this raw propane
I line 'em up like we on Soul Train
Cause rappers stink like raw Lo Mein
And I paint pictures like Claude Monet
So when you listen to me it's like you snort cocaine
I scored ??-
She heard of me
It's Mick Jordan chillin with Steve Curren$y
Emergency, come talk to a beast
Whose givin' you food for thought
It's all you can eat


[Verse Three: Amanda Diva]
Hot like pepper pot
Sweet like sour sop
West side born
But the spice isle in my heart
Boss like the man Barack
People listen when I talk
Start of the movement
I'm the spark that got the game on lock
Took my spot/ I foxed the lot
Didn't see me coming
Bgirl I can pop and lock
But Got them boys running man
Like water they want it and I got it drippin
A lady they buggin if they think they'll be sippin
On this nectar
Next to greatness empress of the rhythm
Rising to the top/ like cream of the crop
I redeem all the little women like Alcott
Give em someone to believe in not a black girl lost
And the table's been set we preparing a feast
Something for the mind spirit and the body
Cookin up the future with these rhymes and beats
So go and get out the kitchen if you can stand the heat

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